Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running a marathon! must think that I must have just ran a marathon of the real thing, and if I actually did, my hubby would be so impressed and envious of me as he has been wanting to run a marathon for the longest time! LOL! But, unfortunately, or, is that fortunately, it isn’t that kind of a marathon that I run, but, instead, I did a sewing marathon! LOL! *grin*

Yup! I had a sewing marathon of sorts over the last weekend. My SIL ordered a prayer mat and a bag to match it, and she is going back to the US on the 28th of August (they left yesterday. I will blog about that later) and wants to take it back with her.

I started working on it as early as 9.30am on Saturday, 21st August (Aiman had to skip his Saturday class as I negotiated for him to go on Sunday instead), and did not stop until 1.30pm for a short nap.

I had to go to Kelvin's at 3.00pm to get more fabric as I ran out of the fabric needed to make the bag. Luckily they still had plenty of stock of the fabric that I needed. Phew!

I almost went into a panic mode. I thought I had enough when I realised that I still have not taken into consideration the fabric needed for the bag handles and the binding for the sejadah (prayer mat).

Came back to pick up my son and hubby to go to the Bazaar Ramadhan (stalls set up to sell food for iftar), and came back to continue working on it right until it was time to break fast.

I started working on it again at 9.00 pm right up until midnight when I finally completed the bag minus the top stitching at the opening of the bag.

As my weekly maid did not turn up due to sick leave, I managed to start working on the bag again as early as 7.30am and completed it about 30 mintues later.

Here's the inside of the bag.

Without taking even a breather, I immediately started on the prayer mat and only stopped at 1.30pm for a short nap to gain back some energy, and to go to the Bazaar Ramadhan to buy food for the breaking of fast. My hubby took my son for his Art Class which he usually attends on Saturdays. Thanks, Dia!

I started work again at 8.30pm and completed the prayer mat at 9.30pm!

Quite a marathon, I think! LOL! The fastest I have done a bag before this is about 2 ½ days. This bag took me only 1 day including the measuring and cutting and sewing!

I am very pleased with myself. *grin* I feel very productive and hope to be able to stay up again to work on a bag for my niece whose birthday is coming up this week (the bag was completed in the same week. I will blog about that later too).

Coming up next ...... the bag for my niece and some embroidery work!

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eli said...

Appreciate it very much Kak Nun... thanks! Love the bag and I already used it on the very first day here when we arrived, I brought it for iftar at our friend's house :)