Monday, August 30, 2010

Iftar with my brothers and mum

This post is long overdue, but I want to put it up anyway because it reminds me of my brother and SIL , niece and nephew, who have all left for the US on Saturday, 28th August, and already I am missing them very much.

On Saturday, 14th August, I had my brothers, Nik Ai and his family, Ayis and his family, Azan, and my mum, over for berbuaka puasa (iftar). Initially I did not intend to cook as it was too much work ( am I starting to get lazy?), what with the fact that I am without a maid and all, and just thinking about taking out the plates, cups and saucers was already making me feel tired! LOL! Age is definitely catching up with me! LOL!

Anyway, that changed when I took Aiman for his usual Saturday classes and dropped by the Village Grocer. I decided to cook Chicken Casserole for berbuka puasa instead as it had been a very long time since I last cooked Chicken Casserole. I got all the things needed and as soon as I came back and after a short nap, I immediately started on the casserole.

My brothers started arriving at about 5.30pm with plenty of food, and here I was worried if I have enough food for everyone! LOL! Just look at the spread!

There's tepung pelita, otak-otak, piana, fried kuey teow, chicken casserole, popia, just to name a few.

my chicken casserole dish.

There's even pizza and garlic bread!

My brother, Nik Ai and his family, were back for the summer holidays. It was great catching up with them and seeing how tall both my niece and nephew have grown.

I can’t wait for when my brother completes his PhD, insyaAllah, in 3 years time, so that we can spend more time together. I might even want to set up a business with my SIL. *wink* She’s there in the US where it is almost a heaven for craft things. She could just simply be my supplier. *wink* So, what do you think, Eli?

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eli said...

Kak Nun,

Thanks for the iftar at your place :) But I still think we still have a lot to catch up with each other, eh? I guess it will never be enough, huh?

About the craft store, hee.. we will discuss when the time comes yeah. As for now, I'm quite frustrated that there's no JoAnn nearby. Even the one that we went the other day is just mini JoAnn not superstore like the one in Ann Arbor. I guess city people do not favor crafts?!