Sunday, December 26, 2010

Etsy Market at Jaya One

Tini had set up a stall recently to sell her lovely handmade and craft items at the Etsy Craft Market together with another friend on 27th November 2010 at Jaya One.

In support of her business, I made a trip there with my hubby and son in tow after attending a friend’s son’s wedding in the afternoon.

If not for Tini opening up a stall at Jaya One, I would never have known such a place exist! LOL! I originally thought it was Jaya 33 which I came across when I was visiting my SIL staying in the same area. I got to Jaya 33, but when I realised it wasn’t the one Tini said she was setting up stall, I had to call her to confirm and get directions to Jaya One.

I got to Tini’s stall only to miss meeting up with Jo who was there to lend support to Tini too.

Paul was also there, but I missed him too. By the time I got there, Paul had left for Summit USJ to check out the Popular Bookshop sale that was going on at about the same time.

Tini’s stall was laden with many lovely crafts , kids ‘clothes, and fabrics.

If I hadn’t spent so much at Epal at its recent road show, I would probably have bought a couple of cotton fabrics. But guilt prevented me from spending any more on cottons! LOL!

I checked out some of the other stalls, and was so smitten by this stall selling stuffed owls.

They have it in two sizes – the smaller one was going for RM20.00 and the big one which is big enough to be a pillow, for RM60.00.

If the big one had been priced at RM45.00, I would have grabbed it at first sight. But, I thought RM60.00 was a little on the high side, despite my wanting to lend support to the craft business. Even though RM20.00 was also considered expensive, but I just had to have it! LOL! I took one in, what else, PINK! LOL!

Cute and sweet, don’t you think so? *wink*

I also bought a dozen of cotton threads from Tini to use for my bags. I just love the colours!

I did not manage to snap that many photos as it started to rain while I was going around checking out the stalls as the market was held outdoors.

But, here are some of the photos I downloaded from the Etsy Face Book page put up by one of the members at Etsy Malaysia Local Team. I hope they don't mind.

I wanted to buy some of these packet of ribbons, but I wanted to buy it after making my rounds first.

When it started raining, I rushed to Starbucks to meet up my son and hubby who was waiting, and ended up forgetting at about buying them. *sigh*

Aren't all these bags lovely?

I hope to visit more of these craft markets and maybe someday join one too to sell my bags, insyaAllah, God willing!

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Dina said...


I wish I were there! I love hand-made crafts. So uniquely different from the mass-produced stuffs piling up the stores.