Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A short break to Seremban

While some of my other friends are going off on holiday to China, India, London, Bandung etc, I only have the time to take a short break to bring my son for a quick break to......SEREMBAN! LOL!

My hubby was attending a workshop at Klana Resort Hotel from the 13th to the 14th of December, 2010, but I could get away from the office on the 13th of December. So, after work, I picked up my son from my MIL’s house and we made our way to Seremban.

What would have normally been a 45 minutes journey turned out to be a 2 hour journey when I got caught in a bad jam and heavy downpour that started almost as soon as I started my journey.

As I have trouble driving at night, I could not drive fast enough and so was driving at a snail’s pace of 80km/hour. When I got to Seremban, it was already close to 8.00pm.

I schooled in Seremban (Kolej Tunku Kurshiah) but, it being dark, and with my bad sense of direction (LOL!), if not for the GPS, I think I would have had a hard time locating the hotel.

But, thank God for the GPS, I managed to find it quite easily, and arrived at the hotel at about 8.30pm, 2 hours after staring out at 6.30pm from my MIL’s house! I felt like I was driving to Melaka instead of Seremban! LOL!

As my hubby was already late for his evening workshop, he quickly got us settled into the room and left my son and I in the room to rest. After a good refreshing shower, we settled down to a room service dinner of Fish and Chips and Cantonese Fried Kuay Teow and Bee Hoon.

I don’t know if it was because we were really hungry or that the food was actually good, but we cleared the plate really fast! LOL!

I think it’s a little of both! *grin*

The next day, while my hubby was cracking his head coming up with resolutions for the workshop, my son had a great time in this HUGE pool.

I took the opportunity to go online to clear some emails and took a relaxing time browsing some craft blogs and websites.

I did some work too when I got a couple of calls from the office. Yeah! I am still working despite taking leave as I am short staffed but work as to go on. I don’t mind doing work away from the office despite being on leave for as long as I am not forced to go back to the office, especially not when I had driven for two hours to get to Seremban! LOL!

We drove back to KL at about 3.00pm after making a stopover for lunch at A & W Seremban, a place I use to frequent during my school days before we would board the bus back to school on weekends on our day out.

A short break, but none the less, it was good to get some break time. I think I might more of these short breaks to release the stress at work which sometimes can get to ridiculous levels. And, who was it that said that working with the government is relaxing? I think he/she must be working in a different part of the continent or, have been dealing with people from the wrong department! LOL! *grin*

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