Monday, December 06, 2010


It was my brother, Ayis' birthday on 5th December 2010. As we already had other plans for Sunday, I decided to take my brother and his family out for an early birthday treat.

As I wanted to see my brother’s office first before dinner to check out the office space he has to use it on the weekends to run a bag making class (more details on that when I have things all finalised), we decided to try out this restaurant called Dangau Rumbia which is within walking distance to his office in Kota Damansara.

It has a long list of food that it serves, including satay, rojak, ABC and many more, but we decided to go for the thai dishes with rice instead.

We ordered Tom Yam Campur, Ayam Goreng Halia, Daging Masak Merah, Telur Dadar, and Kalian Ikan Masin.

It was a simple meal, but it was delicious. I just hope that Ayis and Sufia enjoyed the meal.

What was interesting and different about this place was that a part of the restaurant had small little huts or wakaf where you to have to sit on the floor to eat.

It was a like a little play house, and it was cosy. The only drawback was that it was hot as there was no fan in the little hut despite it being open air, and it was a hot night that night.

I might want to come again to this place, but, next time, we are eating inside the restaurant! LOL!

Once again, Happy Birthday, Ayis!

May you have great success in whatever good that you do, and may you have a long and healthy life surrounded by all the people that you love. Hugs!

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Nik Fariz said...

Thanks Kak Nun. We enjoyed the dinner till the last bit. It was a nice place to eat. That was our first time. Tq!