Thursday, September 22, 2005

Do I look old?

Ok, so I am old, but I am very much young at heart! LOL! *wink* But, I am not even 45 yet!

Yesterday I wnt shopping at Midvalley looking 4 some necessities but decided to drop by this cart selling crystal earrings that was going for 3 pairs for RM10.00. I was admiring them for it's design (so I can get inspirations for my scissor/handphone bracelets), when d girl manning d cart asked me if M buying for myself or for someone else.

I decided to play on so dat it wudn't look too obvious tht M `stealing' ideas. She showed me some nice big earrings with drop crystals and said dat this wud be really nice if d person M giving to is young. I asked her what if M getting one for myself? She showed me some small classic earrings tht looks very old fashion and said dat this wud be suitable for someone my age. Huh? And what age wud dat be? *sob*

When I asked her Y the ones shown earlier wudn't be suitable 4 me, she kinda looked at me in a weird way. She must think that I must have gone out of my mind! Dah buang tabiat agaknya orang tua nie! LOL! ...cedih...*sob*

Really! Do I look that old? *sob*sob*SOB* SOB*....crying getting louder! LOL! LOL! LOL! *wink*...all taken in good spirits!......

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