Monday, September 19, 2005

Worried, worried, worried.....

I woke up this morning with a big problem hanging over my head. I just realised that my maid's contract ends the end of this week and we still have yet to get a replacement maid. *sigh*

My son needs to go to school. My hubby and I needs to go to work. How do I work this out? *sigh* Take leave from work? That's one solution, but, for how long? *sigh* We don't even know when the new maid can come in. In the mean time, my hubby and I, we both have meetings which sometimes makes it impossible for us to take long stretches of leaves......

I wonder how people with 10 kids manage it without a maid, and I only have 1 kid, and M going out of my mind, worried sick, how to handle this situation until a new maid comes in! LOL!

Well, it's only Monday. I hope to have better news with regards to d new maid later this week. If not, M going to have one hectic week next week! *sigh*

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