Sunday, September 25, 2005

We have yet to get it maid...

I am sad today. My maid of 2 years has gone back. I dn't know whether I am sad that she has gone back or is it because I have no maid. *sigh*

When the last maid went back 2 years ago, I dn't remember feeling this sad. Maybe because I already knew then that d new maid was already on her way here. It was also at that time that I was more preoccupied with d operation that I had just gone thru a few days prior to her departure.

I probably also wasn't that sad because my MIL's maid was still around then to take care of my son while I was recuperating from the operation. I had one less thing to worry about. This time around, not only my maid went back, but also my MIL's long serving maid of 6 years also went back on d same flight with my maid.

I worry about how we (my MIL and myself) are going to cope up without a maid because we have yet to know when the new maids will be coming in. As it is, I am already taking off a few days from work to take care of my son. My hubby will be taking a few days off too from work when I have meetings to attend at work which cannot be delegated to anyone else. But, for how long can we be away from the office? *sigh*

My son needs to go to school. We kind of resolve how to handle things in the morning as we get ready for work and get my son ready for school. It is when my son gets bck from school at noon that I worry about how my MIL is going to cope up without a maid because my son needs to eat. Sure, I can buy lunch and bring it over to my MIL's hse. But, hardly do meetings end any earlier than 12.30 noon. My son gets off school at 12.15 noon. *sigh*

I don't expect my MIL to cook because she is not as healthy as she used to be (she use to runs a restaurant some time back). My FIL too is not as strong as he used to be either.

I can only hope that both our new maids will come soon. I could only pray...... *sigh*


junesctung said...

Hi Nik,

I've been there and survived. So will you. Just hang in there.

liltouch said...

Yeahh Nik, June is truly right.. Me too have experienced this b4, nearly for almost 5 mths.. and like June said.. I've survived...