Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This is a 3 person RR between Wendy, Linda and myself. Lately, I am prefering to do more RRs rather than exchanges after realising in 2004 where I was involved in so many exchanges, that when d end of 2004 came, I had nothing to 'show off' what I had done for the year since everything was given away.

Although I did have a lot of lovely pieces done my exchange partners, I still wanted something I made as proof that I did do some stitching that year, and also something I cud be proud of that is my own piece worked by myself.

Exchanges are good when U want to learn new skills from each other coz from each xchg pieces U receive, U learn new methods. I like that. I learned a lot when I did d exchanges. They were great pieces that I will treasure as gifts from friends who share d same passion.

Ok, back to the BUZZ RR, here is my portion completed. Below is a photo of the whole piece, complete with borders and date. The empty boxes will be filled with stitchings by Wendy and Linda, and we hope to get the pieces done by August. Right, Linda and Wendy? *wink*

Next person in line is Wendy, and Wendy will pass it on to Linda before it comes back to me. My theme is Seeds of Friendship because I used the seed packet designs from Cross Country Stitching.

I can't wait to see everything completed!


Charlene said...

Wow Nik. I just love the Buzz RR especially the colour. Why didn't invite me for the RR. Tak achilah ....

Anyway, good job and bravo for the piece.

Rozita said...

Love the design and the whole thing too! Which XCountyStitch mag is that?
Yeah come tak announce pun nak buat RR?