Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ainul's Baby Banner

This is actually an old piece which Zalita, or better known as Cheeze, Azie, or some may know her as Lilo, and myself did as a present for Aida's daughter, Ainul.

I was browsing thru my webshot album and realised that I have yet to post this on my blog and decide to do so, just so that I have a record of it, since this blog is more often updated than my webshot album.

I had enjoyed stitching the piece (the ballerina teddy bear), and I am sure Azie and Cheeze had enjoyed stitching their piece too, and we in turn, hope that Ainul will grow up to know the aunties that had put in the hours to do the piece! LOL! *wink*

I finished it using pink cottons that I had previously bought from Quilt Gallery. Will we be seeing it hanging on Ainul's wall when she gets a room of her own, Aida? *wink*

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