Friday, September 15, 2006

It happens, but all ends well..........

It's one of those things that has to happen to U no matter what you do........

Huh? What am I talking about? working trip to Bali, that is.

Yup! I was away outstation for work last weekend, from Sunday nite till Tuesday. Overseas....Bali, Indonesia, to be exact! I went there on the invitation of the Menteri Besar of Terengganu. He wanted us to have a better picture of the architecture and landscape which has impressed him so much, so as to unable us to incorporate those ideas into the Kuala Terengganu Airport which is currently under construction. At the same time, for us to get some inspiration from the beautiful architecture and landscape that is Bali .

I didn't dare talk about it earlier to anyone since I wasn't sure whether I would actually be able to go with so many paperworks that needed to be done before we could actually fly off. Everything was finally settled and ready to go only on Friday evening, 8th of September.

I was excited about the whole trip since this is only my 3rd trip overseas on government service since working for the past 21 years! But, my excitement was shortlived, at least at the initial stage of the trip, when my bag did not arrive with me. In fact, about a dozen other passengers too did not get to claim their bagage because of failure by the bagage handling people in Malaysia, to load up the bagage when, we were told, the bagage carousel suddenly jammed up. Terrible, huh? How could they make such a mistake! And, to make matters worse, there were no more flights via MAS to Bali on that day. The next one is at 9.40 am the next day, arriving only at 1.00 pm. Uurrgghhh!

Gosh! What am I suppose to wear for work tommorrow? What am I gonna wear to sleep tonite? What about my toiletries? And make-up, and undergarments? My contact lenses could last only a few more hours. I need my contact lens solution. My glasses are in the bag! Gosh! I cudn't think! My mood dwindled immediately after that. Even when the local travel agent put a garland of flowers over my head, I couldn't get excited. Even though I was hungry, the food did not look d least bit appetizing. The hotel was a lovely place, my room was nice, but, my mood was already in the pits. I just lost all interest.

All I could think thoughout dinner is where to get my emergency supplies of things I mentioned earlier. Would I be able to look for a decent, comfortable blouse for work tommorrow? Will the shops still be open, in time for me to get those things? Where do I go? I AM in a foreign land I have never been before!

God tests you in many ways, but if you are patient and show faith in Him, He will show you the way. During dinner (we had to have dinner 1st because dinner was already served when we arrived at the hotel, and I was travelling in a group, so I had to follow the majority), I silently prayed, hoping that everything will turn out OK.

After dinner, together with a colleague, we dashed to the nearest supermarket. With less than 30 minutes before the shop closes, I am surprised, but thankful that I actually managed to find just the right blouse suitable for work that fitted like it was made for me! LOL! Not only that, I also managed to grab a new comb and some basic make-up!

For sleeping, a colleague lend me her kaftan. I was also given a new collared T-shirt by a Yang Berhormat who accompanied us on our trip, upon knowing of my predicament. See, all you need to do was be patient and have faith, and things will turn out okay. *smile*

I had a great time the next day going around the airport and a few resorts in Bali, taking in all the beautiful architectural details and landscape, till my camera run out of batteries, in my new blouse *wink*, but my pants were d same ones I wore yesterday....but, hey, U can't hv everything, can you? LOL! *wink*

Bali is a beautiful place to visit if you are into buildings and landscapes. They sure have such lovely buildings, and most were detailed in carvings. Even McDonalds had carvings! Even with so much carvings, they were all tastefully done! At nite, the scenes were even more beautiful when the lights on the buildings were lit up, creating mysterious feelings.

All in all, despite the initial set back, the visit was an eye opener and very inspirational. I thank Menteri Besar Terengganu for the kind invitation. I hope I will have more visits of this nature. *wink*

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ShannyK-L said...

Hi Nik!
Glad to hear you enjoyed the trip despite the major hiccup! :)