Friday, September 01, 2006

Did you ever dream that someday...............

Malaysia's No. 1 singer, Siti Nurhaliza, got married on 21st August 2006. A grand reception was held on 28th August 2006. Never mind that she married a divorcee with 4 children ranging in age from 18 to 8 years old, and that he is 19 years her senior in age. That is not the reason whyI am putting up this posting. Rather, when I look at photos of the `akad nikah' (solemnisation of marriage) and the grand wedding reception with guest ranging from royalties to cabinet ministers, I cannot help but think...think about how some people have just got it made.

Siti Nurhaliza started out into the music industry at a ripe age of only 16, eleven years ago. When she started out, did she know that one day she is going to be so successful, that she will be Malaysia's No. 1 singer? She only won 2nd place in a local singing competition, yet, she was the one that got things going her way. I cannot even recall who won 1st prize! Maybe because she came with a package? Good voice with good looks to boot?

I am sure everyone started out into whatever business they venture into with hopes that they will become successful. You want to be the most successful enterpreneur. You want to be the richest man. You want to be the most intelligent. You want to be the most famous. Noone goes into something without wanting to succeed, but, how successful you actually become, depends on how hard you work for it.

Some say that sometimes luck also plays a part in your success. True, to a certain extent. A saying says, "Being at the right place, at the right time, and meeting the right people," is having luck on your side. But, you cannot depend solely on luck to make you succeed in something you venture if you don't work hard for it. You have to work hard for what you want. Nothing comes easy.

Did I know, as a child, that someday I would be able to fulfill my dream of becoming an Architect? I started drawing out floor plans even at the tender age of only 6 years old. They were not perfect floor plans, but they were recognizable. You could make out the living room, dining room, the kitchen and the bedrooms. I even drew out the doors. At that time, I did not know what an Architect is. I only knew that when I grow up, I want to design my own house.

When kids at that age change what they want to become when they grow up as they grew up, mine never changed. It was always to design my own house. Later, I found out that what I wanted to do - to design houses - is actually to become an Architect.

My dad's ambition was to become an Architect, but alas, his talent in the field of art wasn't enough to get him entered into university to pursue architecture. He became a lawyer instead, and a good one at that, but, deep inside, he never fail to hope to one day become an architect. When he realised a daughter of his had talents to draw better than he did *wink*, and was very much interested to become an Architect, he got excited. But, my parents never forced any of us, my siblings and I, into anything we did not want to. They let us decide what is best for us.

When finally I graduated with a Degree in Architecture some 21 years ago, my dad was the happiest dad around. *grin* Well, ok, all parents are happy of their children's success, but, my dad was especially excited that I fulfilled a dream of his to become an Architect. Although he, himself did not become an Architect, but to have a daughter of his carry on his dream is a dream come true enough for him.

I wish that I would someday become a famous Architect in Malaysia for the beautiful and unique buildings that I designed, but, after 21 years already in the field, I am not sure that I can still someday become that famous Architect who designs the most beautiful buildings in the country.

I have designed many buildings in my 21 years of service, big or small, but, being in the government, you don't get credited directly for your work. At the end of the day, if a building is recognized as being beautiful or unique, it will be known as the building designed by the government.

However, I still hope that by the time I leave the service in the government, I will have at least one big building to my name, so that one day, my son can say, "My mum designed this building". *smile*

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