Friday, September 08, 2006

I've got it framed......

I was in Penang on 20th August, 2006 for work. I managed to squeeze in some time on my last day of work to drop by Tammy's to pick up my framed piece which I had earlier sent by PosLaju. It is my Trellis piece, by The Workbasket which I had completed some time back.

This is the 1st time that I sent a piece to Tammy by mail for framing without choosing the colour mounts and the framing. I left everything to Tammy and her husband to decide. The only criteria I requested is that the mounts be in either green or purple/purplish pink to match the colours of the stitched piece. The rest, I had to leave to Tammy and her hubby to choose for me, hoping that I will like the end results.

I am quite particular, or, you can call me fussy! LOL! about the way how my pieces should be framed. Usually, whenever I go to Penang for work, Zarina would pick me up after I am done with work for the day, and we would go to Tammy's for me to choose my mounts and framing. Later, when the framing is all done, Zarina or Niza would be so kind to bring them down for me whenever they are down in Kuala Lumpur to visit relatives. Thanks, Niza and Zarina!

This time, since I was going to be in Penang for work, and I was driving up, rather, my hubby was going to drive, I decided to try to send my stitching ahead of my trip so that I can bring it back with me to KL.

Heh! I must say that I was kinda `nervous' and `anxious' to see how my piece was going look all framed up, LOL! since I had no inkling at all as to the exact colours of the mounts and the design of the frame. I had to trust Tammy's taste! LOL!

So, what do U all think (see right photo above) ? Not too bad, huh? *wink*

BTW, while I was there (at Tammy's) I also managed to pick up another chart! *grin* - a hardanger chart by Cross N Patch called Christmas Star. I just could resist it since I saw a completed piece done by Tammy and it is really gorgeous!

I started on it a bit, just couldn't wait! LOL! when I came back from Penang, but has since put it on hold while I try to finish off my JE SAL. I can't wait to come back to it so that I can have this lovely piece all framed up on my wall! *wink*


junesctung said...

Tammy's sure did a great job in enhancing your stitched piece. You must be real pleased with it, right?

Kali said...

I love the framing. The colors and cuts of the mat look fabulous!