Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jetsetting and some stitching report

It had been a hectic week for me this week jetsetting from state to state. I was in Kuala Terengganu on Monday, Penang on Wednesday, Melaka on Thursday and Kuching on Friday. I got back from Kuching on the 8.00 pm flight and arrived home close to 11.00 pm. I am just glad that it was Saturday the next day, giving me time to recover from all the travelling.

With so much travelling, it was to be expected that I won't be doing much stitching. However, when I was in Penang, I arranged to meet up with Ina, who, coincidentally, was going to pick up her daughter from the airport half an hour before I was to board the plane back to Kuala Lumpur.

Again, Ina had been so kind as to pick up my framed piece from Tammy's and bring it to me at the airport. Expecting some waiting time at the airport, I brought along Wendy's RR to stitch since it was small and easy to work on while on the go. Also, I was already way behind on this RR since it was supposed to be mailed out on 15th September, and I had only put in a couple of stitches in it, so, stitch I did at the Penang airport as I patiently waited for Ina.

Managed about 30 minutes of solid stitching which was very satisfying, before Ina arrived in her usual chirpy self. She actually spent more time chatting up with the lady sitting next to me at the waiting lounge, LOL! as their daughters were coincidentally studying at the same residential school. Talk about the world being small! *grin*

Ina brought along, as planned my framed piece. It's gorgeous! The framing, the mounting, and of course, the hardanger! LOL! *wink* It actually attracted the ladies sitting next to us as I opened the wrapping! *grin* What do you think? *wink*

On another stitching report, Linda came over to my house yesterday to pick up her cebelia threads which I had bought at Haby's for her some time back. She brought along my finished BUZZ RR. Now that it is completed, I think the whole picture is really nice. Don't you agree?

Thanks, Linda and Wendy, or joining me in this RR. Though it was extended twice due to everyone's busy schedule. We got it done anyway, as my portion on Wendy's RR was completed this morning.

I like the fabric colour (kind of peachy, though the photo is not doing justice to the piece) of Wendy's RR, and Lizzie Kate's designs has always appealed to me, especially if you needed a break from doing a big or medium size project, which, the Joan Elliot's Friendship Sampler is, which brings me to the final report on my stitching for now.

I have completed most part of the back stitching on the 2nd shelf, and I am now working the backstitching on the upper shelf. I am giving myself another 2 weeks to complete this piece.

On another note, I stashed! *grin* Yup! I told Linda to bring along some of her charts when she came over to pick up her cebelia threads. I knew it would be dangerous for my purse, but, it has been quite some time.....err...was it really?.....*grin* that I bought any I being truthful to myself here? LOL!

Anyway, I bought two charts from her - Garden Sampler by LK, True Love by The Workbasket and a fat quarter of 28ct gingham linen. Love the linen especially! My 1st purchase of linen! What am I going to work on it, since I have never worked on linen before? Hmmmmmmm......I just love the piece! I'll think about it later what am gonna be stitching on it! hehehhh......


Barbara said...

Oh my, so many lovely stitching you have there. The Buzz RR is so bright and dandy! The JE is coming along so fine. And that stash...delicious.

Barbara said...

Ooops and that hardanger, very sweet colours indeed. You stitched them seperately right?

Charlene said...

Wow Nik. I just love the BUZZ RR. I look so bright and colourful. May I know where can we get the chart ?