Saturday, September 30, 2006

Will we ever get it maid?

My mother-in-law is starting to complain about her new maid. It has been 2 months since she had this girl. The last one ran away, remember?

Even though this new maid has been with my MIL for 2 months already, it seems like she has only been working for 2 weeks. My MIL has to keep on reminding her what to do each day. She has no initiative of her own, what more to be proactive.

Each morning (before the fasting month), if my MIL does not tell her what to prepare for breakfast, she will not prepare anything except to take out the bread & butter, and lay out the table. She has no initiative to ask my MIL what to prepare. My MIL is not well, and sometimes she forgets to tell the maid what to prepare for breakfast the nite before. She expects the maid to ask her what to prepare, and not just serve bread and butter or just assume that, that is all that is be served for breakfast. After all, this particular maid actually complained to my MIL once ( about 2 weeks after working) that she (the maid) has nothing to eat for breakfast even though there were 3 loaves of bread in the cupoboard. She does not consider bread as her breakfast food. She expects my MIL to get up and prepare breakfast, and she eats from what is left. The same is for dinner. Nothing is prepared if not told what to do, but then, she (the maid) complains that she's hungry. Can you believe this?

My MIL's maid of 6 years (she went back in 2005 because her own mum was not well) has her own initiative to do things without my MIL having to tell her. Only when she is unsure, would she then ask my MIL. If my MIL is in d habit of telling her what to do or prepare each day, and one day my MIL forgets, she will ask my MIL for instructons. She is one maid whom I have never seen sleeping on the job. She does not stop working from the time she gets up in the morning, which is around 5.00am, to the time she goes to bed, which is around 10.30pm or later.

My MIL is not well, and having to tell the maid each day to do the same job over and over again is taking a toll on her. One would expect that when you have worked for 2 months already, everything should be automatic by now. You don't need to tell them what to do anymore, except when there are new things to do. I feel sorry for my MIL, and sad that she hasn't been able to get a maid that is hard working and understands her health situation, and be able to do work (the maid) without my MIL having to supervise the maid all the time.

The other day when I called up my mum, she too isn't in the best of health. She complained that she can't do the daily household chores without it causing so much pain to her whole body, especially her back. She needs and wants a maid, but dn't want a live in one because of problems like the one my MIL is currently facing, and what I had to go through with the last maid that I had. It left me traumatised, and still do to this day.

I wish there is a daily maid service in Kota Bahru who can come in daily to help my mum with the daily household chores. I wish that my MIL would get an excellent maid so that my MIL can take things easy. But, I could only wish. When it comes to maids, it is all luck. You might get lucky, and get a good one, like the one my MIL had for 6 good years. You could get unlucky, like the one I had last, that till this day makes me cringe just thinking about getting a maid.

Each day that they (the maids) are with you, you think about their welfare. To make sure that they eat. That they have clothes to wear. Their health, and their other daily necessities. You make sure that they are happy working for you, but do they care how we feel with the way they do their work? I doubt it, if I were to go by what my MIL is currently facing, and with what I had to go through. They just don't care! Why they even bother coming over to work, if this is the type of service or work they render, beats me.

I don't totally discount the possibility that one day I might still need and want a maid. But, my bad experience with the last one is making me wary of getting one. It has, as of today, been 6 months since I last had a maid. It has been tough, especially when my hubby or I has to be outstation for work, or when my son is sick, and I can't take time off from work to take care of him, and have to depend on my MIL's incompetent maid to take care of him. Those are real tough times. I pray to God to give me strength to go through it all. So far, I have made it. I hope that I will forever be able to survive any tough situations put forth.

I was apprehensive about the fasting month this year, not knowing how to handle having to rush from work to prepare for breaking of fast and also to prepare for sahur. It has been a week already since the fasting month started. I thank God that so far, things are manageable. I hope that everything will be fine throughout the fasting month and beyond, God willing.

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