Monday, January 15, 2007

Another finishing idea

I got this handphone bag/purse/caddy/ whatchamacolic from a non-stitching friend when she went on holiday to Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia. She knows I am into cross stitching and would appreciate the gift. Actually, any gift from friends are always appreciated! *smile*

This gift just gave me another idea on how to finish up a stitched piece. I might also try crocheting one too! Now, what I need to do is to find just the right pattern, and of course, the time to stitch or crochet it! LOL!

Errrr.....didn't I just committed myself to doing a pinkeep and towel topper with Rose? Opps! Heheh........


Anonymous said...


Lovely gift and a great idea as well.

BTW, tagging you with the '6 weird things about you’ meme.

Write a post stating 6 weird things about yourself as well as the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people.

(I just want to know you a little bit better)

Anonymous said...

Just find out from Faizon's blog (which of course I missed out the Daily Digest post from Yahoo groups...duh..duh) that you are an architect?? Interesting!

I wonder if the building regulations there is the same like in Singapore?