Monday, January 29, 2007

A little of this and that............

Work in the office has been hectic lately. When has it been otherwise? LOL!

So, while my hubby goes to the gym to release HIS stress, you guessed it, where else would I be but in MY stitching room! Yup! That's the best place to release MY stress! LOL!

So, what have I been up to? Not much, really. Just a little bit of this and that.....

I worked a little on my star project. I am about 50% done on the hardanger part, which I can now do quite fast, especially since I made lots changes to the specialty stitches which I am unfamilar with to those that I know I can do and know will look nice. Once the hardanger part is done, which is quite fun, actually, than comes the more difficult part - the cross stitch part because there are quite a number of fractional stitches. Doing them on evenweave should be easier, but, the counting part when it comes evenweave sometimes has its challenges. It is ever so easy to miscount! So, wish me luck!

Moving on to another project, the next one is a small one. I commited myself to doing a Stitch-A-Long (SAL) with Rose for a towel topper which BJ has been kind enough to do up a tutorial for these two amateurs....well, OK, I speak only for myself. Rose might be an expert, only she's not admitting it! *wink* ! LOL! Thanks, BJ, for the tutorial!

This piece if taken from Cross Stitcher Issue 180. It is a design by Lesley Teare, one of my favourite designers. The metal case you see featured next to the half completed stitching is a freebie Stitch Tin I got from Cross Stitcher Issue 183. I love it! I can use it for all my small projects. Very convenient to carry it around.

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Barbara said...

The Christmas Star is coming along nicely...and that Rose, what stunning colours!

You're most welcome with the tutorial...common make me proud :)