Sunday, January 14, 2007

Basket of Smalls

We were talking about it at NNC. It is supposed to be a basket filled up with all the small and mini projects that you have stitched or intend to stitch this coming year. It all started with the 5 Mini Challenge that Margaret had initially organised at MYS. It got everyone excited because many projects could be completed in speed time compared to the usual medium to large size projects many of us, stitchers, are used to doing up. It gave us a great sense of accomplishment with each project completed.

I, for one, find the size of the mini projects easy to bring around on my frequent travels for work. It fits so easily in my briefcase in between the serious stuffs! LOL! I also find doing mini projects such fun! It was fun scouring through my never ending stash of books and magazine for just that right design for the next mini project.

So, when the group started talking about having a basket of smalls, I thought I would start with my basket of smalls filled up with gifts given to me by my great crafting friends. Just a `show off'! LOL! *wink*

I will soon make myself a basket of smalls filled up with the things I made. For now, I just want to admire the things I got!

BTW, the basket used to be a wedding basket I made which was filled with flower petals for my brother's wedding reception last year.

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Barbara said...

So that's your basket of smalls. The smalls runneth over :) Yeap you need a new basket...soon!