Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stitching and beading update

It has been quite some time since I did any stitching, actually. It's been hectic since my son started Primary One, what with him coming home each day with something missing! I think I am more streesed out than he is! LOL! Or, was he stressed out at all?

Added to that, there were a few projects that needed to be tendered out by January, 2007, so I was way above my head with work. I have found myself falling asleep even as I try to watch the television to catch up on some news! LOL!

Today, I managed a little bit of stitching on my christmas star. Soon I might have to change the name of the piece at the rate I am making changes to the piece to suit my level of expertise! Mind you, it is not high *LOL!*, rather, I am struggling with some of the specialty stitches. I hope the original designer would not mind. LOL! But, before someone points out to me that I might be infringing some copyright law, no, I am not claiming authorship to the design. It still remains a design by Cross N Patch. *grin*

On another hobby, when I went back home to Kota Bharu recently for the festivities, my sister, who is also into beading, took me shopping to buy beads. Boy, I went crazy with the beads sold! It was lucky that I did not carry that much cash with me at that time, but, stash I still did! LOL!

I made myself these necklaces. I wanted to make a set containing a necklace, a bracelet and an earring to match, but, I simply never got down to it. However, I did managed to make at least a bracelet to match the purple set. Hopefully I can find time to make the earrings soon.

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Barbara said...

The Christmas Star is coming along. It's gonna be a lovely piece.

And the bracelet and necklaces, those are semi-precious stones aren't they?