Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thank you so much, Faizon!

I got a pleasant surprise in the mail yesterday. I came home on Friday to a red card in the mailbox informing me that I have a registered mail to be picked up. For the life of me, I never expected to receive anything from a stitching friend, least of all, anything in return for my very small gift I sent to a friend.

I initially thought it was the Valentine Stash Exchange (VSE), but then, I realised that it was much too early to be receiving it, since mailing out date is only on the 5th of February 2007. I thought it must be one of those bills again! LOL!

Faizon, thank you so much for the lovely tatted bookmark! It sure was a pleasant surprise! I am flattered by the compliments! *blush* I might still tat one day, you know, only if I can just find the time to squeeze in another hobby! LOL!

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Envy envy! That is some bookmark! It's really fancy smancy...I can vouch for that because I do not have any inkling on how that is done!! Lucky you!