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A great time at Bukit Merah!

A long overdue posting, but I seem to only be able to update my blog these days when it is either the weekend, on public holidays or when I am on leave. The days just seem to pass by so quickly, that, before you know it, a week had passed by.

My mum `complained' that I am not updating my blog often enough because while she was in Ireland, the only way she could `get in touch' with us, her children, and know how we are is through our blogs.

Sorry, mum, work is so hectic, I come home too exhausted to do any creative writing, and at times, it takes ages for photos to get uploaded. I will try to update my blog more often this year. Hmm..that sounds like a new year resolution, doesn't it? LOL! *wink*

Anyway, back to the task at hand, on December 16 last year, we took a long overdue family holiday to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort in Perak. My son had asked to go on holiday since the first day of the school holidays, but somehow, my hubby's free days could never match mine. I would apply for leave, but had to several times cancel it at the last minute because I was needed back at the office to settle matters urgently.

This time, since it was just a few days before the Hari Raya Aidil Adha, I thought that this would be the best time for both of us to apply for leave to go on holiday. We hope that no meetings would be held so close to a festivity, so we applied for leave from the 17 - 21 December, and Raya Haji was on 20th December.

I couldn't be more wrong. My Director decided to call for a management meeting on 18th December, which I only knew about it late Friday evening on 14th December! My hubby's new Director too called for a management meeting on Monday, 17th December! Can you believe it?

We had made the bookings and paid in full already for the hotel and also for the theme park packages. To make any changes would cost us some cancelation fee, and this is a very much long overdue holiday, and school is about to open soon. My son was so much looking forward to it, and to disappoint him yet again is something I do not wish to do.

I called my office and told my trusted officer to attend the meeting on my behalf, and called my Director's Personal Assistant to ask her to pass on my apologies to the Director for my absence. You have to know that I have many times before canceled my leave each time my Director calls for a management meeting, or an important meeting is set when I have already applied for leave. I am not one to simply miss a meeting, but this time, I felt that I need to place my son as my priority. Work in the office never ends, and I can never get back the lost times with my son. So, my hubby and I decided to go ahead with our planned holiday, though I would have to cancel my leave on the 19th December as there were matters which my Director wants me to settle before the end of the week. There goes my cake baking day! *sigh*

We started out early Sunday morning, 16th December 2007, and arrived just in time to check into our hotel. The hotel room is a nice, simple room with one queen size bed and a single bed with a pull-out bed, which my son excitedly pulled out. He said that should he fall off the bed at night, he wouldn't be falling off on the hard floor! LOL!

There is also a small 3 seater dining table just as you enter the room. The TV has no remote control though, and the closet is an open concept! You just hang your clothes out in the open bar. LOL! There is a tea/coffee making facility and a mini fridge, which was empty. *grin*

The room has no socket points except for the one meant for the kettle, the TV and the fridge. Technically, we only have one socket point to boil water, charge our handphones, and use the lap top. Guess what? The socket point is located near the sink! LOL! Can you imagine using the laptop by the sink which is located just next to the toilet? *grin* So, if any of you is planning to go to Laketown Resort, do bring an extension wire!

After my hubby had his much needed rest from the long drive, we took a walk around the resort to see what they have to offer. Quite a lot actually. We decided to first go for the Orang Utan Island, about a 10 minutes boat ride, as it was it was already 5.00pm, and the last boat is at 6.00pm. We needed to take that boat back from the island to the resort. However, as we queued up, we were adviced against going as it began to drizzle and it wasn't save out in the open lake. We might not be able to take the boat ride back.

We were glad that we were properly adviced by the people manning the boat, for as soon as we left the jetty, it rained cats and dogs. We dashed to the main arcade area of the resort and spent the rest of the evening exploring the many shops and game arcades available. My son had a great time trying out quite a few rides and games. We had an early dinner and went back to our hotel room as the rain began to stop.

In the room, after our maghrib prayers, my hubby set up the laptop by the sink for my son to occupy himself as we had a foot massaged arranged for earlier.

Since we had an early dinner, by 9.00 pm, we were hungry all over again! LOL! We decided to go to the coffee house and have our late dinner cum supper. We brought along the laptop as we were told that the coffee house has got wifi, and after dinner, we took turns, including my son, to use the laptop. It was nice to be able to still keep in touch with my friends online, especially those at NNC, despite being out of town.

The next morning, we started out early for breakfast, as we have a lot to do to take advantage of what is being offered at the resort. After breakfast, we headed to the jetty for the Orang Utan Island. It was interesting to note the efforts taken by MK Land Holdings Bhd to create the island into a breeding sanctuary as well as conservation, research and education center to better understand this endangered species. All the Orang Utan at the island have birth certs, and the baby born premature looks so adorable in the incubator.

Next, we headed on to the Eco Park. The park features three large enclosures, namely the Bird Park, Reptile Park and Tropical Trek, where rare indigenous and exotic bird, reptile, primate and mammal species roam freely in their natural habitat.

We enjoyed feeding the fishes, the rabbits and the guinea pigs with food we bought at the entrance to the park. We enjoyed the Animal Show put up by the Ecopark staff. It was different from the many animal shows I have seen at many other zoos I have visited so far. The play acting by the staff and the trained animals brought much laughter to the audience.

Next, we took the skycycle, which, like the name says, is actually like a bicycle in the sky. We had to cycle the tram to get it to move. My son got excited each time his Abah slowed down his cycling and almost got bumped by the tram behind us! LOL!

Before proceeding to the much awaited park by Aiman, the water theme park, we decided to make our way back to the hotel room to freshen up. After a quick lunch, we made our way to the water theme park, which was HUGE!

Aiman enjoyed himself tremendously and didn't want to come out from the water - as expected! LOL! He finally gave in after taking almost all the rides, and playing in the various water spots. I just sat by the pool with my crochet, and a cup of freshly brewed capuchinno! One of the nicest I have tasted!

We had dinner again at the coffee house, complete with the laptop! LOL! We managed to catch a game being played by the visitors and staff of the resort as we sat eating our dinner.

Later, I had an artist draw a caricature of Aiman. My hubby says that it doesn't look like Aiman as the face in the caricuture is a little rounded, whereas Aiman's face is a little bit more oblong. I still think it's an adorable caricuture! LOL! *wink*

The next morning, after breakfast, was just spent going to the souvenire shops to get some T-shirts as momento, while my hubby took Aiman for another round of video games. Aiman had a quick dip in the swimming pool before we had to get back to the room to pack. It was time to leave.

Holiday over, and it's back to work for me the next day. It was a much needed break for us, and a much deserved holiday for Aiman.

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