Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Exchanges for 2009

Opps! I just realised that I have commited myself to quite a number of exchanges already for 2009, and I have not even given much thought to any of it yet! Oh NO!

Just as a reminder to myself, I am putting them down here so that should I need to know what they are, or be reminded, I can just come here instead of cracking my head trying to remember what they are and what I have to make! *grin*

1. Valentine exchange 2009 (mailing out date - 25 Jan 2009) - that's close to Chinese New Year! Must send out earlier!
Send a heart shaped item (red/pink), add a rose, pink/red floss, wool, yarn and a card.

My partner is Anna! Looks like Anna and I are inseparable. She has been my partner for 2 exchanges already so far, or was that 3? *grin* Sorry, Anna, that you got me again! *wink*

2. NNC 2nd Anniversary Gift Exchange
The get together will be held on 7 February 2009 at my house. I have not given that much thought yet as to what I want to cook/make for the get together as it will be potluck style, much less for gift exchange! In trouble, am I? LOL! *wink*

3. Pin cushion exchange - flower theme (mailing out date - 15 March 2009)
Flower themed pincushion exchange. Pincushion must be handmade (cross-stitched, crochet, knitted, tatted, stitched,etc). Pincushion size - minimum 3 inches. Minumum of 3 flower themed stash to be sent together with the pincushion

My partner for this exhange is Shanny in Switzerland.

4. Birthday Exchange 2009
A year long exchange. Minimum $15 gift in your country's currency.

My partner is.....oopps! It's supposed to be a surprise to my partner who his/her partner is. *wink*

FOUR exchanges! I think that is enough......for now! LOL!

I'd better get cracking!


Janet C said...

Ooh...I better make a list too! Getting forgetful, now! *wink*

ShannyK-L said...

hehehehe.... I've yet to do anything for the pin cushion yet. :( so many ideas and so little time!

busymum100 said...


Thanks for blogging about the exchanges. A good reminder for me too. I'm somehow glad that I've agreed to only 2 exchanges, i.e. pin-cushion and the birthday.