Monday, December 22, 2008

The tailor’s chalk has evolved…..

I went to Sakura at SS19 Subang Jaya recently to take advantage of their year end sale to buy some fabrics for my tote bags. I did more than just buy fabrics! I bought quite a few tools and gadgets for my sewing, and I think my stitching friends will agree with me that it is to be expected when you make a trip to your favorite craft shop! LOL!

Did I tell you that I also made to trip to Yee’s (Craftworld at SS2) a few days after that and broke the bank with my purchase there too? LOL! *wink* Will tell more about that later. But, first, I want to tell you about the tailor’s chalk I bought at Sakura which I think has evolved and come a long way from what it used to look like some God knows how many years ago.

The chalk now looks more like a small pen, in fact, almost like a thumb drive, measuring only 4” by about ¾” with a cap to protect the tip. The tip is like a roller which, when rolled, will leave behind a chalk trail. The lines are precise and clean; unlike the normal tailor’s chalk that can sometimes give you blur lines when the edges are no longer sharp, and leaves behind a chalky residue.

This roller pen tailor’s chalk also does need sharpening as it stays sharp because of the roller edge. I think this gadget will be one gadget I will be using a lot in the future to mark my fabrics, and I think you will find it useful too when you give it a try.

What else did I buy at Sakura? Well, errr……hmm…lots! LOL! *wink* Here goes…..

I bought a pair of rings for holding my 3 layers of rolled quilt when doing machine quilting, 2 pairs of very sharp scissors in pink and blue, rotary cutter blade in a pack of 3, which I was told was priced quite reasonably at RM38.00 a pack for 3, blue and white water soluble marker pen and this interesting ultra thimble which you just put at the tip of your fingers and acts like a thimble.

Diane from NNC was telling me about it and she wanted to get a pack for me when I told her that my fingers are sore from being poked while hand quilting the soccer quilt. I told her that I have never seen one like it here in Malaysia. Well, now it’s here! I have yet to use it though, since I bought it only after I had finished hand quilting the soccer quilt.

I also bought a set of small boxes to put in little sewing nicks and knacks like pins, needles, safety pins and other little things which before this were stuffed in all sorts of boxes of many shapes and sizes. It stacks well, and saves space on the shelves.

Another storage system which I felt was a good buy was this storage carrying box from Prym which I find very useful and very convenient to carry my project things in to class at Quilt Gallery or at Epal.

The box comes in 3 layers – 2 thin and one thick. You can buy the layers individually too should you decide to want to add more layers to carry more things, which I did with my project box for my class at Quilt Gallery. When stacked, the box looks very neat and easy to carry around.

I bought another set later when I went to Yee’s a few days later to carry my projects at Epal because it makes natural sense to carry all my project stuffs using the same system as I can just interchange the top layer where I put my basic sewing stuffs like scissors, markers, and cutters.

See how space saving and neat my Prym storage box and small boxes look when stacked? Cool, huh? *wink* I love buying all these organizing storage items! LOL!

However, for now, I still also do carry another sewing box with me which I have had for the past 5 years or so. It’s got compartments which I like to put my other things which would not fit into the new Prym storage box.

I also bought this rather expensive thread storage box, but I do not regret buying it as now I can see all the colour threads that I have.

Before this, my threads are stored in several boxes and everywhere, and I would end up buying the same colour threads ending up with multiples each time I want to start on a project. With this box, all my expensive threads are kept in this box, while my local threads are kept in two layers of the Prym Storage box.

Both boxes look lovely and neat too when closed, and are also space saving.

Doesn’t this box look great when opened up to display all the lovely colours? It can also be hung up on the wall for display which makes it easier to find just the right colour thread for my projects, but, alas, I have run out of wall space in my craft room. I need to get another house just to put my craft things. Maybe I should just open up a shop? LOL!

That’s how Gill started out on her business! She told me that she wanted to buy so many things for her crafts but simply could not find the space to store them. So, she decided that by having her own shop, she can get anything and everything that she wants! LOL! Great, huh? *grin*

OK, That's my stash for now.....eerr....wait! I still have the fabrics I bought at Yee's and Sakura! *grin*

I think I will put up photos of those in a later posting.*wink*


Haslina said...

Hi, I was wondering where I can get the Prym storage box? Appreciate your help. Haslina

Za said...

Hi Haslina!

You can get them at Sakura at SS19, Subang Jaya, or, from Craftworld at SS2, Petaling Jaya.


busymum100 said...

Wow Nik,

You gadgets really look professional!

Open a shop? Maybe be if you fail your PTK? Which I doubt you would (i.e. fail it!). I am sure committed ppl like you will just do fine in the exam. Good luck, though!

Za said...
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Za said...

hey! Don't say that! Touch wood! *grin*

Thanks for the good luck wish!

CT said...

Hi are very organized stitcher! Wish I can be as organize as you...btw, best of luck on ur PTK exam...

Za said...

Thank, CT, for the good luck wish!