Thursday, December 25, 2008

Steamboat BBQ for lunch

My mum stayed over at our house for the weekend last week. Since I have been wanting to eat steamboat for quite some time already, what better time to do so than when my mum is here with us, as steamboat is best eaten with more than two people. It's more fun!

We went to Bibi-wok in Bandar Puteri, Puchong (I blogged about the Thai-panyaki I had there with my son more 2 weeks ago). Again we sat at the japanese style table as my son was excited to tell his Tokmi about his first experience of eating japanese style.

We were adviced by the waiter to take the Steamboat BBQ Combo set to start off the meal. Should we decide we want more, we can just order the side dishes to add on. The Steamboat BBQ is priced at RM28.00++ per person for adults, and RM13.00++ for child between the age of 4 - 12 years old. Drinks are not included in the price, but, the side dishes are "All you can eat".

We didn't take all the side dishes that was offerd, but just what we wanted, though my hubby took two scoops of the chocolate ice cream. *grin* They charge you RM3.00 per 100gm for any food wastage.

The BBQ was delicious, especially the lamb pieces. The steamboat was quite good (my mum and hubby said the chicken soup was nice. I would have prefered the tom yam soup, but we could not order both) though I could not understand why corn on the cob was served as part of the steamboat combo. Never eaten corn on the cob steamboat before! LOL! It looks odd and out of place! *grin*

The salmon ball was really nice! The yee mee and maggi (my son's request, but, of course! LOL!) dipped in steamboat completed the meal. I think it was a delicious alternative to the usual meals which we have daily, though my son had his hand burnt from the side of the BBQ grill in his excitement to fill up the grill. *grin*

Now he has a scar on his hand which he proudly showed off to his grandpa and his cousins. Must be cool to him since he had never had a burn scar before! LOL!

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snazzynsuch said...

i've stayed in puchong for almost a year now... and been going to Epal for more than a year.. and i never go to that restaurant!! :)

i must try it soon..