Friday, December 26, 2008


I am so darn mad with myself today, and frustrated too. I broke the needle threader of my new JANOME sewing machine this afternoon while I was working on the water bottle bag. I did not realise it while I was in class at Epal. I only heard something snapped. I thought it was my needle.

If I knew that it was my needle threader that snapped, I would have asked them if they have spare parts and could repair it. Now I will only know tomorrow afternoon when they open at 10.00am. *sigh*

I only realised that it was my needle threader that snapped when I came home and wanted to use the needle threader to work on the water bottle bag. So my machine is handicapped.....

I just hope that Epal has spare parts for the needle threader and it can be repaired. I can still use the machine without having to use the needle threader, but, it's so much easier with the needle threader when I am wearing my contact lenses as I can't focus on small things despite putting on my reading glasses.

I am so mad with myself. I am so sad....

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