Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A hut of a shop!

I was in Penang last week for work. I had many times made trips to Penang for work, and each time I would only have enough time to give Ina a call, as I would be rushing to go for meetings, and then I would be in a rush to fly home. I never seem to have enough time to meet up with her for a face to face chat.

Ina has been trying to persuade me to take a later flight so that she can bring me to meet Corine who she says is a very talented lady. The last couple of trips to Penang, my meeting would end quite late, and then I’d be in a rush to get to the airport. I told Ina that I will try to make some kind arrangement the next time I come over to Penang.

So, this time, when I had another opportunity to fly to Penang again for work, I decided to take a slightly later flight than the one I would usually take. I almost did not make it to meet Ina this time around too when I made changes to my flight. I changed my flight to one that is an hour earlier than my scheduled flight when my hubby called me in the morning to say that my son was sneezing all night the night before.

I was worried as presently the swine flu is going around. But, when I called my MIL in the afternoon, she said that my son is sleeping and resting well, and is no longer sneezing. Thank God!

As I was also done early at the workshop where I was attending, after lunch, I decided to call Ina to meet up earlier than planned. Ina took me to this nice neighbourhood just behind her office at USM.

Ina told me that I am going to like Corine’s place. She couldn’t be more right. I was in awe of the place the minute I stepped into it.

It’s a cute little place packed full with all things quilt, patchwork, and sewing and there were handmade bags at almost every which way you look! You even have bags hanging down from the roof truss!

Don’t believe me? Just look at the photos!

I think my jaw must have dropped looking at all the lovely things in the cute little hut. Yes, HUT! When I posted at the NNC board that Corine has a little hut for a shop, Paul said that I was 'mean' *grin*, but, really, it is a HUT! Don’t believe me? Take a look! *grin*

According to Corine, it was originally a `wakaf’ (resting bench with roof) owned by her neighbour.

When they moved away, and left the wakaf behind, Corine decided to take the wakaf and added windows and walls to the wakaf to make it look like a little house.

It’s like when you have a playhouse for the kids, only this time, it’s the adults that’s playing house! LOL!

The hut even has an air-conditioning unit! The place is really cozy and I could see myself spending hours in the little place without ever feeling bored!

I am sure many of my crafting friends will agree with me when they see this little place for themselves. Ina and Niza will attest to that. Right, Niza and Ina? *wink*

When we got there, there were two ladies, Jenny and Jenny (yes, they have the same name) taking classes to make a bag. Seen in the photo from left to right - Jenny, Corine, Jenny and Ina.

According to Ina, both Jennys are here almost daily. Ina herself spends many wonderful hours in the little place, and she has made many wonderful things taking lessons from Corine.

I wish that Corine lives in Kuala Lumpur so that I can take lessons from her too. Corine, in fact, offered to teach me the Sun Bonnet Sue quilt I was admiring if I could gather some friends in KL. She is willing to come down to KL to teach. So, friends, any takers? *wink*

I managed to spend about an hour at Corine’s cute little hut before it was time for Ina to send me to the airport. I wished I didn’t have to leave so soon, but, I have a flight to catch, and I didn’t want to get home too late.

I hope to be able to go to Penang again, this time staying longer so that I will have more time to `play’ at Corine’s cute little hut. Maybe I could even take a lesson or two in bag making while I am there! LOL! *wink*

Thanks, Ina, for bringing me to meet Corine. She is such a nice lady. I could tell that she is passionate about her crafts, and excited to teach so that she can share her knowledge of the crafts. I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to learn from her all the crafts that she knows.

It was a visit that got me inspired and excited that the minute I was settled down on the plane, I immediately took out my craft magazine (I never go anywhere without at least one craft magazine in my bag! LOL!) to dream about my next project and to dream about the little shop that I hope to one day own. *wink*

BTW, one of the Jenny wants to sell off her JANOME MC6500 which is unused, and still very much in the box. It seems that she bought the Janome, but, before she could even learn how to use the machine, she fell in love with the BERNINA, and decided to buy the BERNINA instead, and now wants to sell off the JANOME unused at a very much reduced price. Let me know if anyone of you out there who wants to buy the JANOME and I will let Jenny know through Corine.

It makes me wonder why I have heard so many JANOME users wanting to sell off their machines in exchange for the BERNINA. Is there something wrong with the JANOME, or, could it be that BERNINA sales people are better at marketing their machines than the people selling the JANOME?

Did you know that JANOME supplies the BERNINA?

I am a member of a couple of Yahoo! Groups that discusses the JANOME, and I have heard many good things about the machine. I am very happy with the JANOME I bought close to 11 months ago. It has given me so many pleasurable hours churning out projects after projects. I am hoping to have a long lasting and wonderful relationship with my JANOME.

I also love my 16 year old SINGER and could not bear to part with it as it too has served me well, churning out projects after projects over the last 16 years. I hope to have many more wonderful crafting years working on it. And soon, I will have an addition to my family of machines! I just can’t wait! *grin*


busymum100 said...


I hope you don't mind me saving a couple of the pix (one of then is the sue bonnet quilt) in my computer.

Corine really has a nice hut there! And the contents of the hut too!

zarina said...

pls add me for the sue bonnet class.

Cindy said...

Gosh...this is really a cozy little hut with so many beautiful stuff in it. I would love to have one too..LOL.

I love my Janome too :)

aniza said...

nik! wished that I was there during your visit. I'm grateful that Cheez was the first person to introduced Corine to us...the rest was history...I have that "Panggilan Pulau Syndrome" LOL

Za said...

Sure, Sabariah, no problem, but, what do you intend to do with the photos? Get inspiration? *wink*

What are you up to now?

Sure, Zarina, I will put your name on the list, and make arrangements with Ina (also a Zarina) and Corine for the Sun Bonnet Sue Class.

Hi Cindy! Who wouldn't want a hut filled up with all things craft that we love! LOL!

Niza, wished you had been there too! Dah lama betul tak jumpa. It's been a long time. Maybe the next time I go up north?

Leena said...

Nik....put my name in as well... how are you dear?

Za said...

Hi Leena!

I am fine! Happy to see you drop by here! No, make that excited! ;)

OK, will put you down for the sun bonnet sue class. I just need one more person to make it a foursome to make it worthwhile for Corine to come down to KL.


Leena said...

Nik, hold that one more spot...lemme ask Azie if she is interested....

Salmi said...

salam sis, soo cute that SB..can I join the class too?..*wink*

Za said...

Sure, Leena, I will hold the one more spot for Azie. You'd better be quick coz Salmi just requested a place. *wink*

Hi Salmi!

I will put down your name and ask Corine where she would like to hold her class and see if she can fit in 6 of us (Nik, Zarina (NNC), Leena, Azie (maybe), Salmi and Corine herself).

Check back at the blog for further information.

Leena said...

Nik...Azie confirmed... pls put her name down on the list *winky winky*

Azie said...

yes nik.. m in.. but when you plan to hold this class ? weekdays or weekends?

Emily said...

I think this hut will be an ideal solution to all our craft storage needs! if only I live in a landed property! DH!!! I wanna shift to the corner lot in USJ!

Anonymous said...

I`d love to attend classes at Corinne`s. Any chance to get her address???
Thanks Katrin