Sunday, July 05, 2009

It has bloomed!

During the last Stitching Bee on 13th June, Usha was very kind to give me some plants which I believe are Morning Glory, as the hibiscus plant which she gave to me during the Anniversary Meet in February died on me. Thanks for the plants again, Usha!

I did not plant it immediately when I got home that Saturday as I had arrived home late, and I needed to take care of the household chores first. Not wanting for the plants to die on me again this time, I put them in water, and the next day, Sunday, I had my hubby call his regular grass-cutter cum gardener come over to help me plant them after he was done with cutting the grass.

Each morning before going to work, I make sure that I water the plants first. I would do the same thing too when I get home in the evening, no matter how late, I’d water the plants first.

Today, the plants rewarded me for the attention I gave it by bearing flowers and blooming so beautifully! I wasn’t the only one excited as my son was excited too! When I went to get my camera, he went to get his camera too, which I gave him one of my old ones.

In his excitement, he fell when he hit the curb and landed on the ground, sustaining a few small cuts, but, he immediately got up, and before I could say anything, he said, “sikit aje” (small cut only) and smiled. He usually would cry, but I guess he was more afraid that he might have broken the camera when it hit the ground, and so probably figured that by not crying, and appearing macho, it would divert my attention from the camera. *grin*

The camera’s fine. It’s more than 7 years old and had suffered bigger falls, once even falling from a height of 4ft onto a tiled floor, but still it never failed to give me great photos.

BTW, besides some small cuts and bruises, Aiman’s fine. *wink*


Margaret wong said...

Aiman sure has grown up :) BTW the plants are what we called Japanese rose.....they spread fast so you'll get more lovely blooms later!

Cindy said...

This beautiful plant is known as Portucula and it is pretty easy to grow. Needs lots of sunlight and water must be enough too.
Its so great to see the plants growing well and feel so good to see them blooming beautifully.

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

There are so many varieties of Japanese roses-easy to grow but you have keep on replanting it, after each flowering season. It makes your garden very colorful and beautiful all year round.