Sunday, July 05, 2009

In a state of shock!

Yesterday, my mum’s house in Kota Bharu was burglarized. My mum was here in Kuala Lumpur to send off my youngest brother back to university. She was here since Tuesday, 30th June, and had intended to stay on till this coming Tuesday, 7th July. But, this afternoon, she took a flight back to Kota Bharu, fearing the worse.

According to a cousin who lives near to my mum’s house, in the afternoon yesterday, the back door neighbour thought something amiss when she saw the back door leading to the kitchen looked like it was broken. She called the cousin asking her to check it out, but the cousin was too busy at that time, and did not get to check it out until very much later, when my mum’s daily help came to switch on the lights at 5.30pm, and noticed that the grill door was badly damaged.

The burglar must have been having a whale of a time going through all of my mum’s things as the whole house was turned upside down. Every door was broken down. My dad’s coin collection which is probably worth thousands of ringgits is gone, so are some uncut bank notes which my dad too is a collector.

My mum lost all her pearl sets, and some other costume jewelry which she bought when she was in the US recently. She said that they are worth a few hundred ringgits a set.

Also missing are her international passport, a couple of her and my brother’s bank books. I can’t recall all that she lost but she said it could run in the thousands of ringgits.

When I met my mum at the airport this afternoon, she looked tired as she hardly slept the night before upon hearing of the bad news from my sister. My sister herself said that she was weak at the knees when she saw the condition of the house when she went to look at my mum’s house with the cousin last night.

When I spoke to my mum about 7.00pm this evening, she didn’t sound too bad as she said that she had expected the worse, though I am sure she is still very much shocked and traumatized by what had happened.

I hope my mum will be OK, as she wasn’t in the best of health when she came to Kuala Lumpur, and now, she is going back to a home that has just been burglarized. I am a little worried, and my only consolation is that both my sisters are there in Kota Bharu with her, and all of my sister’s children are with her. They usually perk her up.

Times are bad and people are getting desperate. Just on Thursday, my Senior Director’s office was broken into and the burglar managed to get away with his laptop, the keys to his Mercedes Benz, Toyota Estima and the whole set of house keys. There were other things missing but I could not recall.

Just 3 weeks ago, my hubby’s office was also broken into and they managed to cart away his laptop.

There has been a spate of snatch thefts reported almost every few days in the papers in the last few months, some even ending in death. There are so many sick people out there. The more advanced we are, the more desperate people are becoming because everyone wants to live well beyond what they can afford, and they’d do anything they get what they want.

I can only hope and pray that Allah will always protect us all from harm. Amin.


Margaret wong said...

Poor mum! I hope she gets over the trauma, though it can take a while. Luckily she was not home when the burglars came, otherwise it could have been worse.

Segenit Puteri Bunian said...

oh ur mom org KB ke??kat mana?

same thing happen to my mom when she's visiting me in penang. our neighbour called her that night, informing that she's curious over the condition. my mom left the house without turning on the lights. it should be dark but the neighbour saw bright lights in the house.

when the nighbour went to check, the thieve was gone already, leaving the fridge door left open, kain baju yg bersepah² diselerak keluar almari in each rooms etc.

kesian my mom lepas tu mcm trauma nak tinggal umah lama²..

busymum100 said...


I hope Datin ok now.

MIL's house has been broken into more than 6 times, that we just lost count. Luckily it all happened while she and FIL were away - many time when they were in KL!

Even grills were cut out, and doors broken into.. Most of the time, it was the drug addicts who did it.

ShannyK-L said...

Poor mum! I do hope that she's doing ok. Good thing you have your sisters and co. with her at these difficult times. Like what MW said, lucky she's not around when they "droped by"!