Friday, July 10, 2009

ABC Quilt completed!


Actually, I completed the quilt about two weeks ago, but I simply could not find time to snap photos of it with good lighting. What do you expect when I only have time to snap photos after dinner is done with each day! LOL!

Anyway, it’s finally done after working on it since January 25th, 2009, with many interruptions in between. No, make that, many distractions by other projects! LOL!

Wow! It actually took me more than 5 months before I finally completed it? Gosh! That long? LOL! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! *grin* Anyway, glad that it is finally completed. Felt like a big load has been lifted off my shoulders when I finally put in the last stitch into it two weeks ago. I felt a heave of relief! *grin* Now to find a place to hang it up! Oopps! But I forgot to put a hanger to it. So, how?

Anyway, so far, I have completed 7 projects to date. I have 5 more projects to go to gain my Certification of Completion. So, upon completing the ABC quilt two weeks ago, I started on a new project which is actually the month of June project. Yup, I am behind schedule. *grin*

In fact, when I went to Epal 2 weeks ago, I wanted to work on the pants project which was the month of March project (I think I only attended one class in March, and even then, I went to class to work on another project – the calendar project, which, to date, is still not completed), but one of the teachers there would not allow me to work on it as she said that the project is too far behind already. I would have to wait for the next year’s project schedule to work on it. *sigh*

I was so eager to work on it as I felt that it was going to be a project that I might be able to complete quite fast, but, unfortunately, it was not meant to be. *sigh*

As I was not prepared to do any other project when I went to class that week, but, since I had already driven all the way to Puchong, I spent the first hour going around looking at the other students doing their projects (makes me sound like a naughty student, huh? LOL! *wink*), and seeing one lady working on her Janome 350e machine doing embroidery work. It was so exciting! It made me even more eager to get my machine sooner than September! LOL! Opps! Or was that December I said the last time I posted about making a booking for the 350e? LOL! *grin*

After about an hour of just going around being a busybody, I dug into my project bag and found that I had actually brought along a project kit which I had bought the previous week! LOL!

So, I immediately started on it, and so far, I got up to this…….

Aren’t the flowers pretty? I can’t wait to get it done!

By the way, I have also started on the July project, which is a curtain, meant to be in time for the upcoming Hari Raya celebration. I am doing one for the guest bedroom where my mum would sleep if she spends the night at my house. It is not something that I would put up in my house actually as it is too frilly as the concept of my house is rather simple and modern. But, it would be something that my mum would like. Furthermore, I wanted to learn how to sew this type of curtain. Who knows, I might need the knowledge later. *wink*

So far, I have only started on making the patterns for it last week. Yup, patterns for the curtains! I cannot help but find it amusing as in my years of sewing my own simple curtains; I have never done any patterns before. I would just go ahead and cut the fabric. Maybe that’s it! Because the curtains in my house are simple, no patterns are required! LOL!


Ratna said...

Can't wait to see your bag coming up. Soon... Nikis going to have a same bag like mine! Cheering you all the way!

Leena said...

congrats Nik...can't wait to see your other completions

LODY said...

Wonderful work. Congrats!

LODY <<<< extremely admiring those flowers! LOL

shima said...

kak nik, cantiknya patchwork bunga tu.. saya pun tak sabar nak tengok k nik siapkan nanti tunjukkan ya.