Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If you have don't have RM30k to indulge in a sewing machine, don't bother going to see a demo of the Bernina 830. Because, if you go (watch the demo), you will be so smitten by what the machine can do, and, after that, you will be on cloud nine, dreaming about nothing else but the machine! LOL! *wink*

Opps! Before my mum thinks that I am about to spend RM30k on the machine, I'd better say right now that I am not, as the price is, at the moment *wink* beyond what I can afford....for a machine, that is! *wink*

Anyway, I went to see the demo of the machine at Sakura last Saturday, 17th July, with Tini. Tini had been wanting to see what the machine can do since the week before when I went to Sakura for my Free Motion Quilting class, also at Sakura (see earlier posting below).

I think Tini was so smitten by the machine the minute Kelvin sat down to explain the capabilities of the machine. It was like having all your machines (normal sewing machine and embroidery machine) lumped into one. You could say that the Bernina 830 is a machine of a class similar to that of the Rolls Royce if you were to compare among cars.

It had so many things it can do, I think my jaw just dropped just listening and watching what it can do! I think I was salivating to the point of panting! LOL!

I just love the fact that it could quilt motifs of up to 9"x9" inches in just one hooping! My problems of quilting my large quilts will be a problem of the past, if only I could afford the machine! LOL! *grin*

Tini was so smitten by the coloured touch screen, and the fact that you could resize the motifs without having to use a design software. Everything is done on-screen!

With all those capabilities and more (I can't recall all that it can do), any other machine pales in comparison. At RM30k, you wouldn't want to expect anything less, of course!

I went home feeling dazed with excitement, but I was quickly brought back to reality with my feet still very much firmly on the ground as I know that the price is beyond me. If I were to buy such a machine, to make it worth it, I would want to spend a whole day everyday playing with it, and working on it, churning projects after projects!

As it is, time is hardly on my side to craft everyday. I'd be lucky if I could even work at least 15 minutes a day on my crafts. Alas, there have been many days when my machine does not get to even see a glimpse of me!

Anyway, while we were there, who would we meet but Aw and Joanne! They both drove all the way from Kuantan to pick up the Bernina Aurora which Joanne had ordered. Soon we should be able to see many wonderful things churned out by Joanne.

Seen here in the photo is Joanne on the left and Aw on the right with Aw's three daughters.

If last Saturday, 10th July, was like a day of meeting with friends, so was it too last weekend, when, as Tini and I were leaving, we bumped into Jo, who was at Sakura to meet up with Aw and Joann!

So, Joanne, have you started anything on your new Aurora yet?


busymum100 said...

30K??? Unfortunately I too do not have that much money for a sewing machine. For a hobby? Too expensive. For business, how many embroidery projects do I need to churn out to get the ROI?

Suddenly the Janome sounds more attractive!

Janet C said...

sucks! I should have gone to see the machine when I was in Sydney at the Craft Fair! lol. However, I did see some award winning quilts which were quilted using that machine and they were superb!

Aw said...

Nik, Joanne asked me the question would I buy the machine if can afford...YES, if I can afford , is a big YES even not for business....but right now just like you, feet on ground exactly firm,,,no lah...but Joanne and me were lucky to see the demo....Nik, thank you for posting the photo. I am inspired to finish a tote bag after the trip

aniza said...

hi, Nik!
Pro designers fits the bill for 8 series ...but setakat nak piecing, buat tote, the normal machine pun dah cukup, kan?kan?kan? mesinyg ade ni pun I utilised like 20% jer kut...unless some generous soul nak present, ok lah hehehhe...