Monday, August 31, 2009

A burning lesson

My mum called me on Saturday, 29th August, to tell me that my sister had almost burnt her (my mum's) new condo when she (my sister) put a pan with oil on the stove and left to go to the toilet.

According to my mum, when my niece saw it, fire from the pan had almost risen up to the ceiling. My mum, in her panic, picked up the burning pan to bring it out to the wet kitchen, in the process, tilted the pan, pouring the hot oil on the floor, and my mum slipped and fell on the hot oil with some oil pouring on herself.

When she called me to tell me about it, she said that she felt like a burnt fried fish. Poor mum! She had gone to the clinic, and was given some pain killers to minimize the pain from the burn.

I hope she will be OK, she being at her age already, and yet having to go through such a suffering.

She said that hopefully that will be a lesson to my sister as it seems that my sister is in the habit of putting a pan on the stove and then would go about doing other things outside of the kitchen area, and thus forgetting that she has put a pan on the stove.

She has burnt my mum's pots several times already, but each time it was it an empty pan. This is the first time that my sister had actually put oil in the pan.

Take care, Ma! Love you! Hugs!

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