Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting back into routine and, hopefully....on track....

It’s been more than 20 days ago that I last posted here. I went into panic mode, remember, when I was told that the PTK course was brought forward by almost two months? I blogged about it here.

After that, I just simply dropped everything that I was doing, even having to reschedule some of my project meetings to prepare for one of the paper assignments that had to be submitted at the beginning of the course, which was only 5 days after the assignments were given out.

Even after the exams were over on Saturday, 15th August, I only managed a few hours of sleep (I hardly slept during the 10 days I was preparing my assignments and attending the course) before I had to start work on finishing up preparations for my submissions to apply to sit for my professional exams, which was due latest on the 17th of August.

I had wanted to take the following Monday, 17th August, off to recover from a very stressful and intense 2 weeks, but, as I had to reschedule some of my meeting the week before, I had a very packed week the following week.

So, it was back to work for me, but, without any breaks, I feel like I was about to faint from sheer exhaustion, mentally and physically, as the first 3 days of last week, I had site visits which means that I had to use physical energy to make my rounds around the project sites.

My hubby said that seeing me all stressed out has made him stressful too. He took a day off last week to de-stress even before I, myself, could find time to de-stress! LOL!

Anyway, I must thank my hubby for being so patient with me the last two weeks. He was my `rock’ at times when I got so stressful that I could no longer think straight. He helped me get started on my paper assignment when I could no longer compute what was being asked, in my state of panic. He was there for me emotionally, even though all he did was just to sit next to me at the desk while I worked on my assignment and he, on the computer, doing his leisurely stuff or work which he brought home to keep me company late into the night.

Thank you so much, hubby, for being there for me and for being so patient. I love you!

I am just glad that the weekend is finally here. I hope to have some time to do my own things and do the household chores which some have also taken a back seat while I concentrated on my assignments and exams.

So, today, I was at Bangsar Village to run some errands, while my son attended his usual Saturday classes. After my errands were done with, I dropped by Quilt Gallery to find that the shop has gone through some renovation. Gill was not around, but Surinder was. It seems that it is a requirement by Bangsar Village that shops goes through some sort of facelift every few years.

The shop looks bigger now, and able to accommodate more students.

I plan to take one or two classes during this fasting month while I wait for Aiman to finish his Saturday activities.

I bought the materials already this morning and plan to sit down and get things organized to go for class next week, or the week after.

I need to also make a trip to Epal maybe tomorrow as I have signed up for a Baju Melayu class.

Oh, by the way, did I tell you that after my exams were over on Saturday, 15th August, before I went home to take a much needed nap, I went over to Sunway Pyramid, not only to have lunch, but also to check out the new patchwork shop that had just opened there?

Well, I did, and I will tell more in my next posting. Those into patchwork and sewing will want to know……. *wink*

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