Thursday, August 27, 2009

An unexpected belated birthday present!

I received a very lovely belated birthday gift from Tini and Paul on Wednesday morning. Well, rather, it arrived on Tuesday, 25th August, but I wasn't in the office on Tuesday.

Paul smsed me while I was on leave on Tuesday asking if I had received a POSLAJU package from him which he had sent on Thursday. He wanted it to be a suprise but he must have gotten worried as it should have arrived latest by Friday, it being a POSLAJU package, as I had said nothing on Friday or Monday. Either that, or, he must think that I must be really rude not to acknowledge the gift from him. Oopps! *blush* LOL!

Anyway, I am not to be blamed *grin* for not acknowledging the gift as it only arrived on Tuesday while I was away, but my assistant smsed me to say that a package had arrived for me and that he had placed it on my table in my office when I inquired about it from him on Tuesday.

So, you see, Paul, I wasn't being rude *grin*. But, I am mad with the postal clerk at my office who had failed to deliver the package to me immediately when it arrived on Friday according to records at the POSLAJU center.

Doesn't he or she knows the meaning of a POSLAJU package? I sometimes feel like shaking up the clerk at the postal counter if I could!

Anyway, back to the gift that Paul and Tini gave. It's a very lovely bag made with the sweetest fabric of english flowers and a crocheted lace.

Since I know Tini hasn't actually tried crocheting, I pressume the lovely crocheted lace was made by Paul, and Tini made the bag using the lace Paul crocheted. The combination is really awesome.

If I may add, as awesome as the couple who combined efforts to make it? *wink*

Love the maroon colour bottom for the bag.

Here's a close-up of the lovely lace. Awesome, wouldn't you agree?

Love the inside of the bag - it's so sweet! I think the bag is also reversible.

Oooohhhhh! I love everything about the bag! It's going shopping with me the next time I go shopping!

Thanks you so much, Paul and Tini! It was really unexpected!

So, my birthday lasted longer this time around with a gift arriving in August when my birthday was in June! *wink*

Thanks again! Hugs!

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