Monday, August 31, 2009

Two new projects in the making!

This week, or, rather, last week, I started on a baju melayu for Aiman which I am learning to make at Epal. It is not part of my one year free lessons, but an extra class for raya.

I had to pay RM100.00 for the class and RM90.00 for the kit.

Now I know why the baju melayu cost so much. It's so difficult to just get the collar right! LOL!

I went to class on Sunday, 30th August, for 2 hours, and all I managed to do was the collar, and even that wasn't completed. I think it will take me another class, MAYBE, before I will be able to complete the collar, and God knows how many more classes before I will be able to complete the baju!

I just hope I can get it done in time for raya, not that Aiman will be wearing it for the first day of raya as our theme this year is blue.

This is as far as I got up until yesterday.

I just can’t wait to get it completed, but, it’s going to be a long way away with an uphill task of learning how to sew the pants too! I just hope that Aiman will appreciate it when it’s done.

BTW, I can’t help but started on another project last week too when I dropped by Quilt Gallery last Saturday, 22nd August. I bought the stuff for the project already and had meant to go for class last Saturday, 29th August, but I had a prior engagement already.

But, over this long extended weekend, I started on it, and it is almost 80% done. I need to go to class to learn how to put the zipper on, and to put the pieces together.

What am I making?

I am not telling yet until it is completed but, here’s sneak peek……. *wink*

Lovely roses, don't you agree? *wink*

Hopefully I will get it done come next Saturday, and then I will `show off'! *wink*

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snazzynsuch said...

eh.. the baju melayu kit is only rm49 or 45.. but i paid not more than rm150 for whole thing..