Sunday, August 23, 2009

A new patchwork shop in Sunway Pyramid!

I told you in my last posting that after my exams were over on Saturday, 15th August, before I went home to take a much needed nap, I went over to Sunway Pyramid, to check out the new patchwork shop that had just opened there, right?

Well, I just couldn’t resist it despite being very tired and having to go home to still have some last minute preparations to do for my submissions to apply to sit for my professional exams.

I felt like I needed to let go to release my stress, and visiting a craft shop is something I know that will let me release the overwhelming stress that I have been going through the last two weeks.

I went there after lunch. By the way, digressing a bit, I treated my son and hubby to Sushi King as a way of saying thank you for being patient with me for the past two weeks. *smile*

Anna Patchwork House is a very small but cute little shop at the CP2 parking level. One look at it and it would remind you of Quilt Gallery, because the things there are pretty much what QG has, well, almost, but, of course, much less because the shop is 2/3 smaller.

No, it is not a franchise, nor is it a branch of Quilt Gallery. It is solely owned by Anna and her friend.

I was told that she runs some classes, but I did not get a chance to find out more when I was there on Saturday for the first time . I only managed to stay there for only about 10 minutes as my hubby had an appointment with a plumber and so we had to rush back home.

But, I was there again on Sunday as I needed to go to POPULAR to get some stuff for my submissions. Was I making an excuse to go there again? *wink* Ssshhh...don't let my hubby hear me say that! LOL! *wink*

So, again, I took the opportunity to drop by Anna Patchwork Shop, this time, armed with a camera as I had earlier asked Anna if I could come snap photos of the shop to put up at my blog for my friends to see who might want to know more about the shop.

I thought that It would also be a good opportunity for her to promote her shop through my blog as I know that I have many readers here who are crafters, and would be happy to know that a new patchwork shop has opened up somewhere near their area.

Unfortunately, Anna wasn't there, but, her sister was, and she kindly called Anna to ask permission from her on my behalf if I could snap the photos.

So, here's the layout.....

As you enter the shop, you will be greeted by this WELCOME patchwork sign up on the wall facing the entrance.

To the left of the WELCOME sign are shelves of very lovely cottons, which some are very familiar if you visit Quilt Gallery often.

To the right of the sign are two big pieces of quilt which I presume Anna had made them.

Below that is the cashier counter and shelves of patchwork paraphernalia and gadgets. I would have wanted to browse longer, but Aiman was getting restless.

I only managed to, or rather, I just could not resist buying at least two pieces of fabric at ½ meter each before it was time to go for dinner. Seen here is Anna’s sister cutting up the fabric I bought. Pretty pink, huh? *wink* Yup, it HAD to be PINK! LOL!

Just below the WELCOME sign are shelves filled up with craft books, but mostly are on patchwork and quilting though she does carry some cross stitch books.

I did not have the opportunty to find out more about the classes that she is offering as Anna wasn’t around. However, there was this lady there who was working on a quilt which I find very pretty.

I also saw some lovely bags she made. I might want to take a class or two there someday if I know where I can put up Aiman as I go for classes. I will have to discuss that with hubby. *wink*

In the mean time, if you read this entry and drop by her shop in the near future, do tell Anna that you read about her shop at my blog. Who knows, I might get some commission from her for doing her some free publicity. *wink*


busymum100 said...


Don't know when I'll get the chance to go there, but if I do so, I'll surely mention your blog *wink*.
It's fair because I got to hear about it from you, anyway.

Janet C said...

She should give you a free lesson in return for this free advert! lolz Nice set-up though!

Asmahani said...

Thanks for this. Many wouldn't have noticed since it's located at the CP level. I'll surely check this place out and mention your blog. :)

nina luv said...

That shop has closed down.. no more in pyramid~