Friday, March 08, 2013

A Journal for Aiman - a page from FB, 29 Jan. 2013

1 minute feels like an hour. An hour feels like the whole day. A day feels like forever! LOL! Time sure slows down when you are waiting for that certain time of the day each night to hear the voice of the person you miss so much....

Zarina Samsudin Ni mcm org time bercinta dulu dulu je! Hehehe.....
January 29 at 10:39pm via mobile
Nik Ainun LOL! kan? Cuma kali ni nak dengar suara anak, bukan suara BF! LOL!
January 29 at 10:41pm
Zarina Samsudin Tuuulahhh! I know wht you mean! Been there many2 times! Still do w liyana kat taiping. 2 weekends dah dok pi siap masak lagi! Hehehe!
January 29 at 10:44pm via mobile
Nik Ainun I thought I wanted to cook Aiman Syafiq Azman Azman's favourite Nasi Beriani and bring it over, cuma rumit sikit coz we can only see him after 2pm on Friday or Saturday, and we go there the night b4. Need to try to work things out a bit.
January 29 at 11:19pm via mobile
Zarina Samsudin Dari kl x dak flight pagi?
January 29 at 11:41pm via mobile
Nik Ainun Ada, 10am. Kena bangun masak jam 5.00pagi! I would hv to fly MAS bcoz AA got luggage limit - mangkuk tingkat is not considered a handbag! LOL!
January 30 at 8:16am via mobile
Roziana Rashid Can tumpang cook at my brother's place!
January 30 at 8:32am
Zarina Samsudin I did this! Bangun at 4. Masak nasi ayam! Lepas subuh drive to kuala kedah take the 10.30 boat. Arrive around 12-12.30. P picnic kat park kat Masjid kuah tu. I bawa nasi dlm cooler with the ayam on top lapik daun pisang. Masih warm when we get there. It is all worth it to see her face at lunch! Haha those were the days! Btw, I always bawa xtra so boleh share ngan roomate or his dinner. Lst weekend besides hubby, iman and me, I fed liyana and her 6 classmates! Entah mcm mana lauk boleh cukup utk makan 10 org, nasi ada lebih skit! X plan pun, we arrive nana tanya ada xtra x nak ajak kwn I said in sya allah ada rezeki tu! Alhamdulillah!
January 30 at 8:54am via mobile

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