Saturday, March 09, 2013

Never leave home without it.....

If I know I am going to have some spare time when I travel for work or to see my son, I would usually bring one or two things, or both - my laptop and my hexies! LOL! *wink*

I have been working on these hexies, I think, for over a year already, doing them only when I travel as they are a very mobile project to carry with me where ever I go.

I don't know how they will end up, whether I'll be making a quilt out of them or maybe something simple like a cushion cover.

For now, I am just doing them to fill the spare time that whenever I end up having to wait at the airport, in the hotel room or simply, a need to do something with my hands, rather than just sitting idle doing nothing.

Never leave home without it.....


Nabilah Yen said...


Do u happen to sell kain perca?

Za said...

Kain perca? No, but if you want to buy charm squares or fat quarters, there are many shops selling them locally.

What do you want to use them for?