Friday, March 22, 2013

A Trip of a Lifetime - to the US and the UK (Part 5) – New York! New York!

We arrived in New York at 6.30pm after a 1 hour flight from Washington D.C.

Heheheh....I don't usually get that many comments on my posting in FB, unlike my sister, Lin, who can easily attract more than 20 - 30 comments within the first hour of her posting on FB! LOL!

But for some reason, this particular posting managed to attract more than the usual number of comments! I must have gotten everyone excited by being in New York itself, a city that is always robust with activities, or, shall I say, vibrant, borrowing words from a cousin, Zawiyah.

We immediately made our way to our hotel at Affinia Manhattan, a hotel located smack in the middle of a the very busy street of Manhattan, New York.

Madison Square Garden is located right in front of the hotel, and Times Square is just a few blocks away!

Here’s the link if you want to stay here should you find yourself in New York.

No, I have no affiliation with the hotel nor am I getting any commission, but I am recommending this hotel because, despite it being probably only a 3-star hotel, it’s got a lot of amenities in the room which, compared to many 5-star hotels that I have stayed during my work travels, none could actually compare to what Affinia Manhattan could offer.

It’s got two double size beds. I love the backdrop behind the bed.

There is this cute little furry animal toy on the bed that greets you as you enter the room.

Nope, the little furry friend is not free. There is a card that says that it is just to keep you company while you stay in the room. If you want it to follow you home, you will have to purchase it!

The living area is big enough to accommodate a few more people in the room should you want to have your family join you. But shhh...... LOL! *wink*

There is a kitchenette complete with a microwave oven, a standard size fridge instead of just a mini bar, pots for cooking, plates and bowls, forks and spoons.

The hotel even provided a dish washing soap and wash cloth. It’s more like an apartment than a hotel. So, definitely I would recommend this hotel to anyone going to New York, all the more so because it is located strategically in the busiest part of New York!

Love the ceiling design of the hotel lobby!

After checking into the hotel, I met up with Dato’ Noraini, Azezee, Fauwaz and Mumtazah for dinner. We ate at a nearby halal restaurant on 29th Street. I forgot the name and I forgot to snap a photo of the place. :(

They charge you by the weight of the food, so mine was the most expensive when I took lamb with all the bones. But the food was delicious, so I did mind having to pay USD7.00 for my dinner.

After dinner, we decided to check out a souvenir shop which is just a couple of doors from our hotel. I did not buy anything though. I wanted to reserve the souvenir shopping for the last day since the shop is just close by.

Azezee decided that he was tired and went back to the hotel while myself, Dato’ Noraini, Fauwaz and Mumtazah decided to check out New York at night, the town that never sleeps.

I and Dato’ Noraini only managed to go as fas as only a few blocks before we felt that the freezing cold was getting to us, and decided to head back to the hotel, but not before we drop by at a nearby convenience shop for a cup of hot cappuccino and biscuits.

The cappuccino was delicious! I think it was the best cup of cappuccino that I have ever tasted so far!

Fauwaz and Mumtazah ventured on and I was told the next day that they went all the way to Times Square, which was about 10 blocks away, in the freezing cold!

Now Day 4 has ended! LOL! – 5th February 2013

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