Monday, March 18, 2013

A Journal for Aiman - a page from FB, 6 Feb. 2013

I left for my US trip on the 2nd of February 2013 at 11.55pm. The last time I spoke to Aiman was at about 9.30pm that night.

Upon arriving in the US, for some reason, the international roaming for both my phones would not work. Usually my DiGi would have automatic international roaming, and I had just requested from Celcom to activate my international roaming prior to leaving for the trip. Just when I so needed it badly, both services would not work on either network.

I was not able to call home, and not being able to hear my son's voice every night makes me sick in the heart.

I decided to subscribe to the internet service in the room so that at least I may keep in touch with hubby through FB and Skype, but I had no way of contacting my son as he is not allowed any form of social media websites at his school.

It was frustrating, but when I finally managed to get my international roaming and the local phone line connected to my handphone, it was like heaven on earth! LOL!

With my brother's help, he managed to reload more credit onto my phone, and hubby reloaded my son's credit on his phone, allowing me to be able to call my son and vice versa, eventhough I ended up getting calls from my son at 2.00 am as it is after his class already at 2.00pm in Malaysia! LOL! 

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