Saturday, February 25, 2006

Half way there....

Yipee! Two more done of the LK Stamp-it!

I completed the January Stamp-it on Wednesday, 21 February, and the April Stamp-it was completed a few weeks back but I just couldn't find the time to snap the photo.

With these two Stamp-it completed, I have so far completed 6 Stamp-its! That's halfway done! I can't wait to get the balance 6 done soon!

I am now working on the March Stamp-it. I just hope that my interest will hold until the 12th Stamp-it! LOL! *wink* I just bought Just Cross Stitch a few days a go and there are some lovely flower charts I would just simply love to stitch! They are so gorgeous! I just hope that I can resist the temptation to start on a new project until I am done with this current one...hmmm..doesn't that statement sounds too familiar to us, stitchers? LOL! *wink*

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biblo said...

Go, go, go Nik!!