Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I croaked!

Continuing from my earlier posting, the last 2 weeks has been two really hectic weeks for me!

11 February was my brother's wedding reception, but, even prior to that, we were already very busy preparing for the function. There was the `bunga telur' (a gift given by the host to guests as a token of appreciation for attending the function)that needs to be done - all 300 of them. There was the `bunga paha' (a token given to those who bless the couple) that also needs to be prepared - all 100 of them.

Add to that, there was the function itself that needs to be organised, as a team - the MC, the reading of the `doa', the `thank you' speech, the video, the flower girls, the page boys, the background music....the list is endless! Organizing a function or event is not an easy task. It needs cooperation from a lot of people and from everyone involved.

We have had a series of meetings among our siblings and my mum. During those meetings, we have had our share of small family 'disagreements' on how we think certain things should be done. It is during these meetings that we realised how different we can sometimes be even though we are siblings born from the same womb. We are as individual as we are united.

On the day of the function itself, we somehow came together where things just simply fell into place and the function ran smoothly with only minor `hitches'. Would a bad sore throat that makes me sound like a croaking frog looking for his mate be considered a minor hitch? LOL! *wink*

Yep! I had a bad sore throat the day of the function where my voice was almost disappearing! And I was to give the `thank you' speech!! Can U imagine how I was feeling that day and that nite? I think it was due to so many late nites preparing for the function plus the stress of work at the office. Add to that, I also got soaked wet from the rain the day before the function while I was out with my mum looking for rose petals for the flower girls.

I can't exactly remember know how much `air asam' I drank that day in my attempt to get my voice back to it sweet self *wink*, but, fate would have it that I was to give a speech with a croaking...errr...sexy voice! LOL! *wink*

I cried that evening before the function because I so much wanted to give the speech for the sake of my brother. I had prepared the speech days ahead and had felt good about it. The crying made my voice worse and the stress trying to get my voice back added more stress to my voice and overall health. I was desparate, disappointed and sad. I was starting to throw up from the stress. It (my voice) got worse by the minute. I had no choice. I had to decide one way or another. At 5.30 pm that evening, I called up my brother, Nik Ai, to read the speech on my behalf. I cried. I felt I had let down my mum and my late dad for the speech I had prepared was a speech on behalf of both my parents and I could not read it the way I had wanted to read it. I cried for I felt that I had failed......

After I gave the speech cards to my brother, with a heavy heart, I got ready for the function. I told my mum and sister that I had asked Nik Ai to read the speech on my behalf. I still felt sad, but my voice was not improving. It was already 6.30 pm. We needed to get ready.

It was during the time when we were all busy getting ready that my sister, Nik Elin, told me about her friend, or was that her brother-in-law (sorry, Lin! Can't rightly remember. I was not in the right frame of mind at that time!), who gave a speech during his youngest sister's wedding reception with a very bad sore throat. My sister felt that I should go ahead despite my bad sore throat and it was soundly seconded by my mum.

I was not sure. Can I do it? What happens if my voice suddenly disappears altogether midway thru the speech? Will I be a laughing stock? Will I embarass my mum, the rest of my family, and espcially my newly married brother? After all, it IS his wedding reception! But, with much encouragement frm both my mum and sister, I said I will do it for my brother's sake and hope that those present for the function will bear with me. My hubby gave me much needed support and encouragement too, but, most of all, I must thank my mum and sister for their faith in me that I could carry this through.

But next came my anxiousness. My speech would only be given towards the end of the function. Can my voice hold it to that time? In the mean time, I could only sign language the guests that came. I wanted to save my voice. It was funny, come to think of it! LOL!

I lost my appetite and ate nothing that nite. I was nervous. I had spoken in public many times before in my line of work, from contractors to Prime Ministers. But speaking in public with a BAD sore throat was a first!

All throughout the function, prior to my giving the speech, I pray to Allah to let me do this for the sake of my family's honour. I had accepted the fact that I won't be able to deliver the speech with a sweet voice. It was God's fate, but I was praying that I could at least deliver the speech to the end without my voice totally disappearing.

Did I do it? Indeed I did. Phew! Did I do it well? Only those present will be able to judge, but I read my speech to the end, though with a some interuptions to take small sips of `air assam jawa'! LOL! Did I embarass myself? Hmmm....Did I? *shrughs*

Anyway, I hope Ayis and Sufia, that you will take my speech well and remember it. The speech was prepared and delivered from the heart. If U remember at least half, if not all, of the advice given, then it was worth my giving it with a bad sore throat because U cannot imagine the pain that I had to let my throat go thru to deliver that speech......


I am posting the contents of the speech here should Ayis and Sufia ever want to refer to it. It is also my intention to start compiling all my writings here where I know that the future generations will one day read them and learn from them.

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Sufia & Nik Fariz said...

Thanks Kak Nun.. we appreciate the effort, work and time spent for the preparation of our wedding.. We love you.. lots of hugs and kisses..