Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I miss posting here, but it has been very hectic for me lately.

First, there was my brother's wedding reception on 11 February. A week after that, on 18 February, was my father-in-law's surprise birthday party. Yeah, it was his 70th birthday and my mother-in-law wanted to do something special for him.

It was a surprise per say, but, since it was held at home, the surprise had to be told the day before the event, on 17th February, which is actually his birthday, because the canopy people had to come early to set up the tents, tables and chairs. Then next came the caterers.

By the time of the event, I can't really tell if my father-in-law was actually surprised. If he did, he didn't show it. If he knew earlier than the 17th, he also did not show it. Guess it was more to `ambil hati' my mother-in-law who took pains to plan the party as a surprise, though along the way, there were some slip-ups! LOL!

We kids just help where we can and did things as instructed. Afterall, it was HER birthday present to him.


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