Friday, October 06, 2006

A night of frustrations

I had about 1 1/2 hours of stitching time last nite, but, unfortunately, 1 hour of that was spent frogging. *sigh*sniff*sob*I was working on my Xmas Star hardanger project, and somehow miscounted the holes! *waaahhh*sob* I had spent 1/2 hour stitching on it already, when it came to meeting up with d other end, it did not meet!

Imagine my frustrations upon realising my mistake, and having 2 frog everything that I had spent doing the last 1/2 hour and 1/2 hour the nite b4 too! *sob* In frustration, I wanted to throw out d project, but it is such a beautiful piece, it wud have been a pity, so, I plodded on. It is all frogged (is there such a word? LOL!), and ready to be stitched again tonite, hopefully with no mistakes anymore.

Hmmm......M back to my hardanger project? I must have completed one project for me to go back to my hardanger project-in-waiting! *wink* I did! I did! *jumping 4 joy!*

I finally completed my JEFS on Monday nite at 10.10 pm! I wanted to update my blog before `announcing' it to the board, but, somehow, I cud not access my blog the last 2 days. *more frustrations*sigh* So, until then, I cannot `show it off' to friends here at d board.*wink* I'll try to upload it from home. Maybe my server is acting up. I just hope it is just temporary this server problem.

NOTE: this was written on Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2006, but was only published to blog on 6 Oct, 2006 due to server problem.

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