Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beauty in miniatures

I went shopping today for miniature things! Well, actually it wasn't planned. I was in the vicinity of Nilai 3 in search of the place where I am to attend a management course. After finding the place, we decided to venture to this so called famous Nilai 3 where I was told that it would be heaven for those interested in all things crafts.

Yup, I sure went kind of crazy looking at all those lovely miniatures. They are so sweet, and I could not resist buying a few! I am even thinking of getting a few more, maybe to give away as gifts. *wink* Take a look!

I am already making plans to make another visit there on one of the evenings after my management course. Besides probably getting a few more pieces of the miniatures, I want to go hunting for some nice rattan baskets. Yeah, like as if I don't already have enough baskets at home! LOL!

I saw quite a number of baskets, rather a lot! I just could not decide which one I wanted when I was there today, because thet came in all shapes and sizes! I just went oohhhh and aaahh, and saying that this could be used for this and that! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Lovely collections. Where exactly is the shop?

z_mnor said...

Awww! These are lovely indeed! I wish I could there one day

Rozita said...

Yes, NIk, do tell which shop? I am quite near but haven't really been there yet!