Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mummy's pride

As far as I can remember, I gave my first public speech when I was already in primary school, if not even later. But, last weekend, my son, who is 6 years old, gave his first 'public speech'. We thot he'd never do it!

You see, days before that, during the rehearsal for his kindie concert, when it was his turn to go on stage to give the welcome speech, he burst into tears. No persuading could get him to do it. I wasn't there to see the rehearsals, but his teacher told me abt it when I went there to pick him up later that day.

He simply refused to do it. He kept saying that he is scared. My son is simply afraid of large crowds, especially one that focusses on him. He cries at almost all his birthday parties when it is time to blow the candles, coz all eyes are on him. LOL!

For the next 3 days b4 d concert, I kept pushing him to practice. Each time his Atok and Tokmama, or the maids, passes by while he practices, he wud go numb, or he wud go hiding behind my back in shyness.

Until the day of the concert itself, I really could not tell if he was actually going to go upstage to do it, but, I told him that if he did, it will make mummy proud and he will get his wish of a bubble soap gun.

Heheh...when his name was announced to come on stage, I half expected him to come crying like what he did during the rehearsals or his birthday party . Guess what? He did it, and with no text, and so confidently too! I could not hold my excitement, I almost cried! LOL!

Even his teacher was surprised! What was more surprising to his teacher was when she asked him where is his text paper for him to read from. When he aswered that he did not bring it, she panicked! LOL!

See, how kids can actually surprise you in the most unexpected ways? LOL!

BTW, he was also involved in a punjabi dance, and I think he really did us all proud!

Sayang, you just made mummy very hapy and proud! Mummy and Abah lives you very much!

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