Sunday, November 05, 2006

A week full of the unexpected.....

I was in Kota Bahru on Thursday to visit my mom who was in a state of shock and traumatised after her house was burglared in the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday, 31 October 2006.

She fell in her attempt to chase after a burglar who entered her house at 3 am that nite. As it is, she was already not that well, and this isn't making her health any better. She was in a state of shock when I called. Just thot I'd go back and give her some moral support and see if she is OK.

No jewellery was taken, but her hand bag and all documents and CC inside the bag are gone, including 3 handphones belonging to my mum and nieces. My mum woke up to go to the toilet and bumped into the burglar. M glad that the burglar did not harm my mum and my niece and nephew who slept with her. Thank God for that!

She is a lot better when I met her on Thursday. In fact, her spirits were high coz she was happy I made the trip bck with my son to see her. *smile* I am glad I made the trip too! She actually cooked `nasi kerabu', a favourite dish of my hubby. Thanks, Ma! Love you!

However, I ended up coming home at 11pm that nite! The flight (Air Asia) was delayed for 4 hours! I was worried about my son. U know how kids cud get restless after awhile? But, fortunately, I brought his toys and favourite book along. It kept him occupied for some time. 2wards the nite, he managed to hook up with a boy his age and they started playing together, so that kept them both occupied until it was time to board b plane, 4 hours later!

AirAsia only gave out a pack of choc milk, kitkat, and biscuits to compensate 4 the delay. I could hv survived, but not a 6 yrs old active boy! LOL! Luckily there was a KFC at d airport complex.

I am also glad that I went prepared for the `just in case' situation. I brought along my XS. It helped make the waiting bearable.

The last time I had a 4 hour delay when on my way to Penang for work was by Malaysia Airlines. When I posted it at the board abt the delay, Roz said that I shud count my blessings, coz the delay was as a result of the maintenance people finding some technical problems BEFORE flying. She said that, what if the plane had taken off already only to realise........may God protect us always.

It made me think! So, when again I got delayed that day, though this time on an AirAsia flight, my thots went back to what Roz had said and I quickly settled down for the long wait, hoping that my son wudn't get restless too quickly.

Everything happens for a reason, I guess.

Well, as soon as my son was all settled in playing with his toys and working on his English workbook, after a meal of KFC, out came my stitching! LOL! I am one that cannot just sit around doing nothing, letting precious time go by unproductively. I managed to do quite a lot, really. Take a look!

I am beginning to like the way this alternative colourway is coming out, especially as you stitch it, the colour changes. Makes for an interesting result.

On another note, this is something I got in the mail on Friday. It is from the Victoria Sampler Company. I signed up for the CYBERCLASS, and part of the fee comes with the materials. The class has started more than a week ago, but, I have yet to find time to go to the site to download the class notes and instructions. I hope to do that this weekend.

Heheh....and, as always, since my mum asked *wink*, I always do my stitching, either when my hubby goes jogging, to the gym, watches his favourite TV program or movies, or when he goes online. I also take the opportunity to stitch when my son is asleep, watching TV or playing, or doing his homework. I squeeze whatever time I have in between all those activities because, other than during those times, it is spent doing household chores and cooking. The rest, of course, is sleep time, which, actually, isn't that much either, coz my hubby sleeps late, and I tend to wait up with him. *grin*

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