Sunday, November 19, 2006

The beginning...........

My first progress report on the Victoria Sampler's cyberclass "Friends in Stitches Bellpull".

After all the gridding is in place..yeah..Barbara said I have changed...LOL! I never liked gridding my fabric, I just want to just jump into a project! LOL! *grin* But, this is an exception. This is my first attempt on linen. Hooray! I finally took the plunge! LOL! *wink* My eyes went bonkers just counting the holes to get the gridding correct. I had to count like 3 or 4 times to be be sure that I have not miscounted. Can you imagine if I did not grid the fabric? I think I would be making mistakes every few stitches, if not EVERY single stitch! LOL!

This is only the beginning, but already I am experiencing neckache! LOL! The holes are so tiny, and some of the stitches are so intricate, I had to take off my glasses in order to make sure that I have got the stitches in the correct position. Really a sign of old age! LOL!

I think linen is not for me....heheh...for now. *wink* I think I prefer evenweave, if I want to work on something intricate. The unevenness of the linen makes counting sometimes so difficult, it can gets frustrating at times, that I ended up taking more short breaks to calm the nerves! LOL! This piece is going to be a real challenge to me, so, I hope friends will cheer me on.....*wink*

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