Sunday, November 19, 2006

Seeing double?

I finally have the time to report on my progress on the 5 Mini Challenge. Feels like as if it has ages since I last put in any report, not only on the 5 minis, but any cross stitch related report for that matter. How time flies, and things have been kind of hectic at work, and with the streamyx down twice on weekends, you just don't get to do what you had set out to do for the weekend.

I completed the alternative colourway for the 5th mini challenge using Ellen Maurer Stroh's small pincushion freebie, which is part of a set of stitching tools, more than a week ago.

Even though I actually started on the single colourway using DMC815, but, it was more interesting to do the overdyed version because I was eager to see how the colour changes gradually as you out in every stitch. I just could not put it down! LOL! Of course, most of the stitching was done while I got delayed for 4 hours at the airport in Kota Bharu, and while my hubby was away on a course for 4 days.

I finished stitching the single colourway this morning, taking the opportunity to complete it as I supervise the weekly maid doing her chores. Aaaahhh! Now the stitching is done, I still have not quite figured out how to finish any of my 5 minis. Hmmmmmm.............maybe I need a whole free weekend to do up the finishing!

On another stitching note, I have started on the French Redwork Exchange, the first ever exchange to be organised at the newly formed NEEDLES N CRAFTS group! We, at NNC, are very excited about our inaugural exchange, and I must thank Margaret for her efforts to organize this historic event for the group. Thanks, Margaret!

I am using DMC115 for this freebie piece taken from the site "Voyage sur Toile". I have to thank everyone at NNC who has helped me to get just the right design for this exchange because I was beginning to feel "anxious and frustrated" *wink* when I just could not make out some of the french sites to get designs I like for the exchange, and to think that I actually took up french as one of my elective subjects at the university! LOL! Thanks, everyone!

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