Sunday, November 26, 2006

As if I needed another book! *wink*

Like as if I needed another craft book to add my ever expanding book stash! LOL! Yup, I bought 3 books at surprisingly good prices at Summit USJ today. Popular bookshop is having a SALE at the concourse of Summit! Lots of craft books, and I found 3 that I like! Errr..did I say I just found 3? LOL! *wink*

1. The Ultimate Book of Quilting, XS and Needlecraft
2. Leisure Arts Sweeter Than The Rose
3. XS Garden Projects by Joanne Sanderson

All books were further reduced another 20%. I think I made a really good buy and all the patterns inside the two latter books are really nice!

When am I going to stitch any of the designs in the books? Someday.... someday....*grin* For now, I am going to go browsing........errr...flipping through the pages of the books I just bought.....*grin*


z_mnor said...


What is the price for The Ultimate Book of Quilting, XS and Needlecraft? I saw this one at MPH Maluri that day. It's an interesting book, planning to buy it during the next trip to MPH. Last time I bought other 3 craft books and couldn't afford to buy another one *LOL*

greenpeas said...

'The ultimate Book of Quilting' is highly recommended to all needlecraft lovers.. has it all from crochet, knitting, cross stitch, quilting.. many interesting projects as well. I bought mine from MPH Shah Alam Mall for RM 39.90.