Sunday, February 04, 2007

Isn't this loaf of bread a beauty?

LOL! I can't believe that I just called a loaf of bread a beauty! I must be going nuts! LOL! But, I just love the way this bread turned out! *grin*

Yum! It was a delicious breakfast I had this morning! All because of something so simple as a freshly baked homemade whole meal bread! Yup! Baked my own bread last night using my bread machine which was almost becoming a white elephant in the last one year for being under utilised!

With just butter and a spread of fresh strawberry jam bought in Cameron Highlands recently all completes the meal. Yum! I must thank my mum for giving me the bread machine for a birthday present some 4 years ago. Thanks, Mum!


Barbara said...

Talk about coincidence, I am currently waiting for the multi-grain buns to proove as I read your blog. No bread-making machine for me :)

That's a lovely brown loaf. Simple pleasures huh?

- Azie - said...

seeing your loaf of bread, reminds me that I supposed to get myself a breadmaker. Ermm.. see when I cud get one..